The nft inspired by the 102 Wired covers are already sold out

The nft inspired by the 102 Wired covers are already sold out

It took just one afternoon for them to all go like hot cakes: the 102 covers of Italia recreated by an artificial intelligence to celebrate the first 100 issues of the magazine, offered in the form of nft, were all sold within a few hours. Sold out. They were created by Monogrid, a creative production company specializing in interactive and unconventional experiences, to realize through the Midjurney neural network some reinterpretations of each cover, created in the form of NFT by artificial intelligence, which was asked, thanks to a text prompt consisting of some keywords, to come up with a new version.

First: thank you. It is a small unexpected record, which underlines the goodness of this initiative on the one hand, and the loyalty of readers and enthusiasts on the other. | Fest. Fifty-one totems will be placed in the center of the court with all the covers, each in relation to the new version created by the AI, to put the past, present and future in dialogue and try to understand what has changed in the last 13 years in terms of innovation.

The idea came from the new issue of Italia on newsstands from 7 October, the cover of which was created for the first time in Italy by an artificial intelligence. We wondered what all our covers would have been like if it had been a "machine" and not real people who "thought of them". We made very simple requests to Midjurney, including keywords that reflected the main elements of the covers. Well, the result was amazing.

Retracing the covers and the stories collected in over 100 issues, means entering a world full of what, at the time, were considered novelties impossible to ignore. In hindsight, some have shown the wear and tear of time - think back in 2009 we were wondering if Bing would be able to beat the competition from Google Search, and we see you smiling - but we must recognize how is. was the first newspaper in Italy to intercept global phenomena on which we still reflect and discuss today: the issue of privacy applied to social networks, self-driving cars, the space race, climate change, broadband, 3G, then become 4 and now 5G, the crisis and the challenges of publishing, the importance of big data, tech companies and the relationship with politics, virtual reality. And we could go on for a long time. We look forward to seeing you at Next Fest.

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