One million euros is enough to buy all the consoles in history

One million euros is enough to buy all the consoles in history

Do you have a million euros left over under the mattress? Then you can transform the house into a real museum of the history of video games and you will also have a nest egg left over, given that the sum that the eBay user Kaori30 asks to immediately close the unusual auction appeared on the version is 984,000 euros. French of the portal.

The collection includes something like over 2200 consoles released in the last 50 years from the very first to the most recent. And mind you: this is not simply a copy for each model and generation, but a complete collection that also includes all the color variations, special and limited editions up to the goodies of the consoles never released on the market. A unique opportunity that also caters to museums.

User Kaori90 tells on the auction page how it all started in the 90s, when he definitely got carried away with purchases and started shopping collect consoles on all continents, a spasmodic quest to cover all possible models and variants of each device. The bulk of the collection was purchased in the decade 2000-2010, then in 2011 there was a first stop due to lack of time and a certain difficulty in finding the missing pieces: in 2015 and 2016, however, Kaori30 sold part of the collection. A trip to Tokyo in 2018 was fatal: returning from the Japanese capital and the nerve center of gaming, the collector recovered almost everything he had sold and continued in the search for every piece available up to the present day and at auction. which sells everything in bulk for almost one million euros.

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A video showing part of the collection

At the time of writing the collection is still available, but it is followed by over 200 people and it is not yet clear if any of these users will be able to satisfy the request of Kaori30, becoming one in one fell swoop of the most important private video game collectors in the world. For the sake of completeness, no refunds are offered, so think carefully before clicking. Speaking of unusual auctions, a few months ago the one starring a very rare Leica Series 0 camera, sold for over 14 million euros, had shattered all the records.