New Fire HD 8 tablet finally available on Amazon, buy it now!

New Fire HD 8 tablet finally available on Amazon, buy it now!

New Fire HD 8 tablet finally available on Amazon

If you are looking for a reliable, performing but, above all, versatile tablet, then we suggest you take a look at the brand new Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet, which arrived on the market right now and, obviously, already on sale on the portal pages. .

The price, after all, is excellent, because it starts from just € 114.99 for the version with advertising and from 32 GB, up to € 159.99 for the version without advertising and with 64 GB of memory. Which is the most popular among the various ones, given the exceptional quality / price ratio.

"With advertising", but what does it mean? As with Kindle devices, the Fire HD tablet also includes an advertising system based on Amazon's sales platform that simply displays advertisements on its lock screen from time to time. We reassure you: this is not anything particularly invasive but, simply, an Amazon ploy to lower the price of some of its devices, which thus certainly become more attractive in terms of price.

For the rest, let's talk The new Fire HD 8 is a tablet with a smooth and fast user experience, powered by a hexa-core processor capable of offering 30% more responsive performance than the previous generation, and supported by 2GB of RAM, more than enough for the entertainment and free time.

This tablet, in fact, is excellent for watching movies and TV series, also thanks to its brilliant 8 '' HD screen, made of reinforced aluminosilicate glass which, according to the texts, makes the display several times more resistant than the competition.

In short, we are talking about a tablet for reading, watching streaming content and really good free time, equipped with a battery capable of supporting your activities for up to 13 hours with a recharge only! Only note: Fire HD 8 is not based on Android systems and, therefore, does not have the Google Play Store, but a special store owned by Amazon.

Read also: The best cheap tablets That said, not we just have to refer you directly to the Amazon page dedicated to the product, with an invitation to make your purchases as soon as possible, so that you can grab this product before it is out of stock!

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Amazon's new Fire HD 8 tablets let you use Alexa without speaking

Amazon is revamping its 8-inch tablets for the first time in two years, but their biggest improvement might rest in the software. The company has introduced new Fire HD 8 models that introduce a 'Tap to Alexa' feature. You can not only control the assistant exclusively using touch, but pair with a supporting Bluetooth switch or use text-to-speech to have commands spoken for you. This is particularly helpful for people with speech and mobility disabilities, but could also be useful if you just don't want to speak (say, to avoid waking your baby).

There are some meaningful hardware upgrades. Amazon claims 30 percent faster performance through a new six-core processor, and the design is billed as thinner, lighter and more durable than its predecessor. You can also expect a slightly longer 13-hour battery life. You're limited to 2GB of RAM and wired charging on the base model , but an uprated Fire HD 8 Plus (pictured above) bumps up to 3GB of RAM while adding wireless charging, faster wired charging and a higher-quality five-megapixel camera.

Don't expect dramatic improvements in other areas. The 2022 Fire HD 8 starts at $100 with the same 32GB of (thankfully expandable) storage, and tops out at 64GB. You'll pay $120 for the 32GB Plus model, which also has a 64GB option. You don't need to buy one to get Tap to Alexa, at least. Amazon is making the feature available today for 8th-generation or newer Fire tablets in the US, UK, Germany and Japan.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet


Parents may appreciate the expanded child-friendly selection, though. The Fire HD 8 Kids includes the familiar two-year 'worry-free' warranty, year-long Kids+ subscription and rugged case for $150, but there's now Disney Princess- and Mickey Mouse-themed variants for $160. You can also buy a $150 Kids Pro tablet (shown at middle) for ages 6-12 that provides parent-controlled store access in addition to the other Kids edition perks. As in the past, these may represent the best values — you can give young ones a tablet that will hopefully survive years of rough-and-tumble use.

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