Judgment and Lost Judgment support AMD FSR 2.1, but no longer the DLSS mod

Judgment and Lost Judgment support AMD FSR 2.1, but no longer the DLSS mod

Judgment and Lost Judgment support AMD FSR 2.1

The various conferences made by the companies during the last Tokyo Game Show 2022 have brought to light a series of titles already known, but nevertheless of great interest. One of the best received announcements was certainly the launch on PC of the couple of titles Judgment and Lost Judgment, the two iterations of the action / investigative brand set in the world of Yakuza. Now, a few days after the launch on PC, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has updated both titles; let's see what changes.

The bad news is that after this update, the mod that added support to games DLSS technology now no longer works. In a nutshell, the release of this official patch literally broke the mod made previously. Both Judgment and Lost Judgment now freeze as soon as they are launched if this mod is installed. In all this, it is still unclear whether the author of the mod intends to fix this problem.

For the moment we do not know the plans of the developer of this mod, but it is possible that in the future everything can be corrected, so as to allow both chapters of Judgment to be started without problems. Now, with the arrival of these two titles also on PC, most of the titles belonging to the great Yakuza franchise are also available outside the console market to embrace a much larger slice of fans around the world. >

AMD FSR 2.1 has arrived to improve graphics card upscaling

AMD just announced FSR 2.1, a major FidelityFX Super Resolution update that’ll boost graphics card upscaling capabilities. The new version of the Nvidia DLSS competitor aims to refine the tool by improving temporal stability and alleviating ghosting, both of which will help games look great at higher resolutions without sacrificing frame rate.

In a press release, AMD says FSR 2.1 will “improve image quality in games while reducing artefacts such as ghosting and shimmering.” The company also reveals that the first game to gain support will be Farming Simulator 2022, and Hitman 3 will receive a FidelityFX refresh via a future update. Game developers can fetch the tools for free by heading over to GPUOpen.com.

Unlike Nvidia DLSS, FidelityFX Super Resolution is open source, and AMD reiterates that it can be used on competitors’ products. In other words, you can still boost fps using the upscaler if you opt for an RTX 4000 graphics card over an RDNA 3 GPU when both eventually show up on the best graphics card scene.

In addition to the FSR 2.1 news, AMD revealed that 2.0 support is heading to 11 more games, including Deep Rock Galactic, Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and Scorn. That brings the total number of compatible releases up to 45, following its release back in May.

Of course, that’s not to say you need to wait for official support, as there’s an AMD FSR 2.0 mod that adds the upscaler to the likes of Red Dead Redemption and Cyberpunk 2077. Whether or not version 2.1 will receive the same modding treatment remains to be seen, but it could unofficially help your favourite PC games shine sooner than expected.