CSGO: account worth $ 5 million banned from Steam

CSGO: account worth $ 5 million banned from Steam


If there is a game on Steam that still remains very popular today, it is definitely CSGO. For ten years the online FPS has been keeping company with millions of PC players thanks to all its content, and this affection is possible thanks also to a series of situations that have united and made the community grow. Skins are a prime example of this, although the recent experience that has struck a player is certainly not one of the happiest.

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One of the first to disclose the situation was the user known on Twitter as 'Exerpas', who showed with an image which objects and skins were present in the inventory of the banned player. This includes four StatTrak M4A4 Howls with four holographic iBuyPower stickers, but also a number of Dragon Lores Souvenirs all in Factory New⁠ condition, as well as rare stickers from the 2014 Katowice Major. account at $ 4,693,106.86.

"Is this related to CS: GO?"

"Possible case of mass report?"

"Did the owner actually cheat in CS : GO or any other game? "

Only time will tell us more about this" Game ban ".

It would be shame to lose all of these skins.

Would like to hear more info if someone has connection pic.twitter.com/SP3cqfeF7n

- Exerpas (@ ExerpasCSGO) September 15, 2022 | adding zone: tag crm_srl-th_gamedivision_d_mh3_1 slot id: th_gamedivision_d_mh3 "); } What remains in the mystery, at least for now, is that it does not seem clear why this user was banned. Exerpas himself gave a series of possible reasons in his recent tweet, and among these the ban could also have occurred due to cheats, toxic behavior towards other players or even due to a mass report.

Steam account with $5 million in CSGO skins banned on platform

One of the richest CSGO accounts in the world, with nearly $5 million worth of skins, has been banned from Steam. ‘Seacat’ received a game ban on September 15, limiting their access to the platform and potentially locking away their skins forever.

CS:GO skins can be worth a fair amount of money, with the most expensive going for hundreds of thousands of dollars. User ‘Seacat’ had a fair few of those, with their public inventory of rare and exclusive cosmetics totaling around $4.7 million.

However the account has been banned in-game as of September 15, potentially locking those skins away forever.

Twitter user ‘Exerpas’ alerted the skin community of Seacat’s ban, including showing off their extensive inventory. This includes four StatTrak M4A4 Howls with four iBuyPower holo stickers on them, one of which has the best wear rating in the world of just 0.0033.

They hold a number of Souvenir Dragon Lores too ⁠— all in Factory New condition ⁠— as well as rare stickers from the Katowice 2014 Major. Plus there’s the knives which includes an array of sapphire, ruby, and jade skins of basically any knife there is in CSGO.

The last proper valuation of the account was at $4,693,106.86 in July, according to fellow skin enthusiast ‘GaryTCxD’.

Getting a game ban on Steam is akin to a VAC ban, according to Valve. 

“The effects of the game ban are determined by the developer, and must be consistent with a VAC ban, such as being prevented from playing online with other players and/or trading items for that game,” the company states on its website.

However this ban could be for a number of reasons outside of cheating. It could be for toxicity, or Seacat’s account was mass reported by players. Regardless if the ban is not overturned, it’s likely the near $5 million inventory will remain locked away forever.