The RISC-V-based alternative to Raspberry Pi is on the way

The RISC-V-based alternative to Raspberry Pi is on the way

The world of Single Board Computers is now quite varied, although the different Raspberry Pi models are definitely the most popular, as well as supported by a huge network of enthusiasts from all over the world. However, other manufacturers have also proposed, over time, several more or less valid alternatives that can be used to carry out the most disparate projects.

Recently, Pine64, company responsible for other excellent SBCs such as Rock64 and Quartz64 , announced, via a message posted on its official Twitter profile, that it is working on a new device based on the RISC-V open source architecture, which will be "powerful and accessible".

June Update: @ pine64eu launches next week #PinebookPro stock in July @gamelaster becomes community manager

We are building a @risc_v SBC #PinePhone modem firmware & cam improvements #PineNote you can now hand-write in LibreOffice on Linux!

and much more:

- PINE64 (@ thepine64) June 28, 2022

From the point of view of specifications , this new card will aim for similar performance to the Quartz64 (based on ARM) and will follow the form factor of the Q uartz64 Model A. The product still lacks a name, as well as an official SoC, but it will be equipped with USB 3.0, PCIe ports and can be configured with 4 or 6 GB of RAM. The price should also not be much different than the Quartz64, which is currently priced at $ 60 for the version with 4GB of RAM.| ); }
Lukacz Erecinsli, Pine64 community manager, said:

The RISC-V platform is something we want to pursue alongside our established ARM-based hardware. We have some candidate devices for a RISC-V conversion and ideas for future hardware iterations based on this architecture, which I believe many of you will find exciting. In short: we have decided to commit ourselves to the RISC-V platform.