Ford SuperVan, the 2000 horsepower electric van

Ford SuperVan, the 2000 horsepower electric van

Ford SuperVan

Ford has chosen the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2022 to unveil its brand new SuperVan made by Ford Pro; Thanks to the electric drive technologies developed in recent years, Ford has managed to give life to this incredible van with crazy power - a 50 kWh liquid-cooled battery, 2000 electric horsepower, enough to push the van from 0 to 100 in less than 2 seconds.

Ford SuperVan is a tradition that dates back to 1971: at the time the engine was central and came from the Ford GT40, over the years the project has always been refined more, with the Mk3 version that even came to be powered by the 650 horsepower Cosworth HB engine, the same one that was used on Formula 1 cars at the time.

"Ford Pro is concerned with accelerating the productivity of our customers, that's why we thought about the possibility of creating a new electric SuperVan that demonstrates the full potential of electrification and connectivity, ”said Hans Schep, General Manager of Ford Pro Europe. "This incredible demonstration vehicle takes the advanced engineering and distinctive looks of E-Transit Custom to a whole new level and is tangible proof of the potential of the Ford Pro connected services ecosystem."| ); }

The 2000 horsepower of power is obtained thanks to 4 electric motors that also create an all-wheel drive system, which supports the SuperVan in its crazy accelerations.

The Ford Pro Electric SuperVan is a 1972-HP Toy

Photo credit: Ford

  • The Ford Pro Electric SuperVan is a 1,972-hp E-Transit Custom converted into a brutal race van.

  • It's the fourth in Ford's line of over-the-top vans and the first to venture into electrification.

  • The Ford Pro Electric SuperVan debuted at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK.

  • Since its inception, Ford’s SuperVan has pegged the needle on Ford’s absurd-o-meter. From its origins of a Transit draped over what was effectively a Ford GT40 chassis to the Formula 1-powered SuperVan successors, this series has always been extreme. Putting the advancements in electrification and its expanding EV portfolio to good use, Ford turned a simple E-Transit Custom into the latest SuperVan.

    Debuting at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Ford’s latest SuperVan takes the hilarious nameplate into the future. Officially called the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan, this battery-powered machine is the most brutally powerful van to carry the SuperVan name. The four electric motors powering this van work together to send 2000 PS, or 1972 hp, to the pavement.

    The battery-electric SuperVan made its official debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where it climbed the hill. The folks at Goodwood haven’t published the SuperVan’s times, but it’s likely the quickest of Ford’s high-performance vans to make the trip up the Goodwood hill.

    You can check out the video of the Ford SuperVan’s Goodwood debut above. The lack of a screaming V8 might make you adjust your volume, but you’ll just make the spaceship whirr of the electric motors a bit louder.

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