Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin talks about the spin-off on Jon Snow

Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin talks about the spin-off on Jon Snow

Game of Thrones

The news of a new spin-off of Game of Thrones, arrived in recent days, has rekindled the curiosity - as well as some fears - of the fans, especially that of Jon Snow. The new sequel series, in fact, will focus on the character played by Kit Harington and it seems that the actor has had a decisive role in starting the project. This is confirmed by George R.R. Martin, author of the Song of Ice and Fire saga and involved in all the serial titles drawn from it. In one of the most recent posts on his blog, the writer revealed that the working title of this new production will be - not too imaginatively, it must be admitted - Snow.

Also the new series had been conceived for a long time ago: “There are four live-action series in development at Hbo: Ten Thousand Ships on Nymeria, led by Amanda Segel; Sea Snake or Nine Voyages with Bruno Heller; and the show on Dunk & Egg, The Hedge Knight or Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, with Steve Conrad as the author, "Martin recapitulates, later revealing:" Snow has been in development practically the same time as the other three, but for who knows what reason it had never been announced or the news of it had never been spread… so far ”.

The novelist claims to have always kept his mouth shut on this project, and in fact there are still no official confirmations from Hbo, but others have evidently spoken. Between the lines, Martin hints that it was Harington's initiative to return to a show about the former heir to the Game of Thrones: "It seems that in a recent interview Emilia Clarke [the actress of Daenerys, ed] has already mentioned that Snow was Kit's idea. So that can be said, ”he continues:“ Yes, it was an idea that comes to us from Kit Harington. I can't tell you the names of the writers or showrunners but Kit brought them on board too, she has her own team and they are fantastic ”. Obviously after Martin's approval: “Kit's team visited me in Santa Fe and worked with me and my team to develop the series.”

The writer therefore seems enthusiastic about this new adventure but he also wants to keep his feet on the ground, explaining what the actual situation of these Game of Thrones spin-offs is: all four series are in the so-called script stage, so there are already scripts, complete with second or third versions approved, but the final decision to start putting them into production is still missing. "Nothing has been given the green light so far, and there is no guarantee of when or if he will receive it ... and this applies to any of these series", he specifies: "The probability that all four series will arrive on the screen ... well , I'd love it, but television doesn't usually work like that ”. Obviously the Kit Harington-Jon Snow duo could give this latest series a greater chance of actually seeing the light but, as with everything in Westeros, only fate will have the last word.

Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin confirms Jon Snow spin-off was Kit Harington’s idea

Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin has confirmed that Kit Harington will return as Jon Snow in a new spin-off series, adding that it was the actor who came up with the idea.

News of the sequel was broken last week by The Hollywood Reporter, which noted that the sequel series will apparently pick up where the Game of Thrones series finale left off.

The series has a working title of Snow, Martin wrote in his blog, and will follow Harington’s fan favourite character.

Martin wrote: “Yes, there is a Jon Snow show in development... Yes, it was Kit Harington who brought the idea to us.

“I cannot tell you the names of the writers/ showrunners, since that has not been cleared for release yet … but Kit brought them in too, his own team, and they are terrific.”

In the original Game of Thrones series, 35-year-old Harington played Jon Snow – the illegitimate son of the Stark family who took up a post in the Night’s Watch to guard the realm of men from the sinister White Walkers.

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in ‘Game of Thrones’ (HBO)

Game of Thrones saw Snow journey north of the wall, returning to be named Warden of the North, before learning that he was in fact descended from the dreaded Targaryen family.

Harington was nominated twice for Emmy Awards for his portrayal of the character, and starred alongside his now-wife Rose Leslie, who played his wildling lover Ygritte in the series.

Martin added that he was unable to share many more details at the current time, writing: “There’s not much more I can tell you, not until HBO gives me a green light.”

But he did confirm he was very much involved with the production of the Snow series, as is the case with a number of different Game of Thrones spinoffs in the works.

“Various rumours are floating around about my involvement, or lack of same,” he wrote.

“I am involved, just as I am with The Hedge Knight and The Sea Snake and Ten Thousand Ships, and all the animated shows.

“Kit’s team have visited me here in Santa Fe and worked with me and my own team of brilliant, talented writer/consultants to hammer out the show.”

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News of the Jon Snow spinoff comes after the announcement of fellow franchise spinoff House of the Dragon, a prequel which follows the rise of House Targaryen, taking place 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones.

The 10-episode HBO series stars Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen and is based on Martin’s Fire and Blood novel.

Fans have already voiced scepticism about the prospect of a Jon Snow spin-off, with many citing the poorly received series finale of Thrones as an ominous sign.

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