This mod adds a dash of GTA 5 to San Andreas

This mod adds a dash of GTA 5 to San Andreas

Although it is still an absolutely played title today, it must be admitted: GTA San Andreas is a bit dated, especially in terms of controls and interface. To try to remedy at least the second, a mod, present on GitHub, has thought of it, which adds a pinch of the fifth chapter of the series to the game starring CJ.

Called V Hud, this mod replaces the graphical interface of GTA San Andreas with that of the fifth chapter. A choice that completely transforms the old Rockstar Games title, making it decidedly more modern. The interface is changed in its entirety and thus the game menus become more modern and the weapon wheel is also added. An excellent system to make one of the most loved chapters of the series even more enjoyable nowadays, which does not in the least touch the graphic and technical impact of the game.| ); }
Has GTA SA Modding gone too far?

Take a look at this mind blowing mod. It's astonishing honestly.

(Sound on)

- (@TheNathanNS) June 29, 2022

You can take a look at the mod in action thanks to the video below. At the moment the mod only works with the original version of GTA San Andreas and not with the Definitive Edition, released in October 2021 for PC, PlayStation console, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Continue to follow geekinco for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.