Minecraft: youtuber builds a working tank without mods

Minecraft: youtuber builds a working tank without mods


By now we find ourselves systematically talking about some of the craziest creations created in Minecraft. The Mojang sandbox continues to entertain fans all over the world thanks to its boundlessness and content to be discovered scattered around the game world. There are those who love to stop only to build anything and those who love to explore, but in the middle there are also those who enjoy creating all kinds of creations, such as a working tank, all without the aid of any mod .

The well-known youtuber known on the platform as 'Mysticat' is not new to making such videos. In the past, this content creator has delighted his fans with a series of very original Minecraft videos. Mysticat recently tried his hand at creating a cumbersome new piece of work: a tank that you can drive around the map and that can even fire. In short, it is a crawler that works in all respects without having to use any mod.| ); }
The great thing about this new content made on Minecraft is how it focuses on the creativity made available to anyone by the Mojang game. Without any mod you can bring your ideas to life, and this is the driving force behind one of the video games that, for over ten years, continues to be among the most played, loved and talked about in the industry.

Here’s Yet Another Look at Minecraft Legends’ Overworld & Enemies From the Nintendo Direct


The Creepers are here.

Published on June 28, 2022 Zhiqing Wan

We got our first look at Minecraft Legends a couple weeks back, during the Xbox + Bethesda showcase, and we got another glimpse of the game at the Nintendo Direct today. You can check out the new trailer down below:

While we didn’t get all that much time with the game, we did get a closer look at the overworld itself as well as a glimpse of the enemies that we’ll get to face. It’s certainly a far cry from the usual crafting and survival loop of the original Minecraft, but for players who have been invested in the IP and wanted more out of it in terms of story and narrative, this could be a good one to look forward to.

Minecraft Legends is set to be released for PC and consoles sometime next year.