Warzone: new kill world record, will you be able to do better?

Warzone: new kill world record, will you be able to do better?


With the launch of Fortune's Keep, the new map of Call of Duty: Warzone, the new world record for single kills has also arrived. A player and streamer, known by the pseudonym NoFaTe, took care of it and managed to kill 44 opponents in a single game.

The record was obtained on June 22nd, in a run that is hard to believe, but which is available in its entirety at this address. NoFaTe began by going to the drop zone, quickly eliminating an entire team and using the money to collect all the necessary weapons and equipment. At this point his skills as a player prevailed, although on several occasions he risked dying and jeopardizing his path.

Clearly it is still early to establish that this is the world record, but at this point it would only be official. Warzone's previous records on Caldera and Rebirth in fact stop at 28 and 29 respectively. As soon as there are leaderboards, however, this feat will likely eventually be certified. The question now is only one: will anyone be able to do better? Or is this record destined to remain undefeated? We are more inclined towards the latter, but never say never.

When is Warzone Season 5? Season 4 end date, Vanguard & more

Warzone Season 4 dropped recently, but fans of the battle royale are already turning their attention to Season 5 and what is to come. Here, we run through when that will be and everything we know about the fifth season of Call of Duty: Vanguard’s life-cycle. 

Warzone Season 4 dropped on June 22, bringing with it the typical meta shake up and plenty of new content for fans to dig into. Among other things, the new Fortune’s Keep map dropped, similar in size and pacing to the well-established Rebirth Island environment.

The weapon pool also received its standard adjustments, seeing guns like the FFAR buffed considerably, while nerfs came for the AK-47, Cooper Carbine and NZ-41.

Despite the relative freshness of Season 4, fans are already wondering what is to come with Season 5 and when to expect it. Here’s everything we know.

When is Warzone Season 5? Season 4 end date

As is the case every season, neither Activision nor Raven have confirmed a release date for Season 5 or an end date for the preceding Season 4.

However, we can reliably calculate one based off the length of the Season 4 Battle Pass. Currently, that is set to expire 24 August, meaning Season 5 should start on or just after that date.

The length of the season – roughly two months – is as expected and will ensure at least one more full season can take place before Modern Warfare II’s life-cycle begins.

A delay is possible, with past Warzone seasons pushed back slightly to allow devs to refine what is coming and maximize bug fixes. As of now, no delay is expected to Season 5.

Warzone Season 5 new content, leaks & rumors

Because Season 4 is still so fresh, there are next to no confirmed details of what we can expect in Season 5.

It is almost guaranteed to bring new weapons (at least a couple) and new multiplayer maps to Vanguard. Season 4, for example, brought CoD: WWII’s USS Texas map into the 2021 title.

Naturally, we’ll be the first to update you as and when Season 5 content comes into focus.