The Umbrella Academy could end with the fourth season

The Umbrella Academy could end with the fourth season

After the great success of the first three seasons of The Umbrella Academy, many are wondering how the narrative arc of the Netflix series will continue. An official renewal has not yet been announced, but the showrunner explained that the show could very well end in season four if it arrives.

The Umbrella Academy's fourth season will be the last ?

Interviewed on The Wrap's microphones, Steve Blackman explained that the fourth season could necessarily represent a definitive closure. These are his words: “If we ever have a fourth season, I don't know how to continue. I honestly think it would be the right time to put it all out and walk out with your head held high. I'm not saying that nothing else can be done, but I think it would be satisfying for the public to have a worthy closure after four seasons ".

The third season was announced in 2020 and filming went slowly due to the outbreak of the pandemic, ending only in August last year. The announcement of the renewal for a fourth grade is now taken for granted.

After averting the end of the world in 1963, the boys returned to the present, where however they discovered with great amazement how their timeline was changed . Sir Reginald is still alive and now heads the Sparrow Academy, along with Ben, also still alive, who holds the position of Sparrow Number Two and is described as a "Machiavellian tactician".