Valorant, players are asking for a new feature

Valorant, players are asking for a new feature


We already know that Valorant is going through a period of great change. In addition to the new Act of Episode 5, Riot Games is finally implementing voice chat control to prevent and counter bullying. However, players on Reddit are asking for a new feature, which could be really useful, namely the praise command.

The post, popped up on Reddit, is clearly the result of careful analysis . In the message, published in the last few days, the user in question asked to insert a praise command for Valorant's ranked games. Such a system would have a gigantic advantage, namely that of discouraging toxic behavior. A similar feature would also help the game's developers, who could easily identify the most harmful players to the community.| ); }
The system, at the suggestion of the Redditor, would not lead to a ban, but to two different matchmaking queues. The first would be composed of the most praised players, while the second, on the other hand, by the players who received the most reports. A very useful suggestion, which could lead Valorant to have an even cleaner community than at present. Now the ball is in the hands of Riot Games: will the development team accept this proposal or not?

How to Hide Account Level in Valorant

Riot Games introduced the new Account Level system in Valorant with Episode 3 Act 1. The new progression system rewards players based on the number of hours they’ve spent in the game, regardless of the game modes. The leveling system gives players a numeric value based on their experience in the game, which gets displayed on the player card.

A player who has spent numerous hours playing Valorant will have a higher Account level compared to a newbie. Most Valorant players flaunt their Account Level with pride; however, the progression system often becomes a reason for bullying or toxicity in the game. Teammates mostly expect an outstanding performance from the player with a higher Account Level, and they get toxic if the player’s performance doesn’t justify the Level. So, several Valorant players think it’s best to hide the Account Level from other players.


At first, Valorant didn’t have an option to the Level borders, but after listening to the players’ feedback on the progression system, Riot introduced the option to obscure Account Level. Well, if you’re also thinking of doing the same before jumping on to the next Ranked match, here are the steps you need to follow to remove the Level badge from your player card.

  • Launch Valorant and go to the Collections Tab.
  • Click on the Player Card option on the top left corner of your screen.
  • Navigate from the “Banners” to the “Level Borders” tab.
  • You’ll see the “Show my Account Level on my Player Card” option below the player card. Simply uncheck this option to hide the Account Level in Valorant.
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  • That’s it; now, you can head into the matchmaking without worrying about your Account Level. It’s important to note that hiding the Level Border badge won’t affect your matchmaking. Hiding the badge will only save you from other players’ judgment; it won’t affect anything else in the game. Also, if you wish to flaunt back your Level after grinding for several hours in the game, you can follow the same steps to enable the Level badge on your player card.