This electric toothbrush is perfect to have on vacation (-50%)

This electric toothbrush is perfect to have on vacation (-50%)

If you are</a> looking for an excellent electric toothbrush to always carry with you and with which, perhaps, to leave for the next summer holidays, then stop here, because this is undoubtedly the offer for you!

Vi we would like to point out, in fact, that on Amazon the excellent electric toothbrush Oral-B Pro 2 is available on Amazon, which, in addition to boasting excellent efficiency in cleaning your teeth, will also arrive at your home with a case for travel, so that you can carry it with you comfortably, even during your travels!

The price, after all, is really great, because we are talking about only € 39.99, against € 79.99 of the original price ! A truly remarkable deal, since we are talking about a cut at a price of 40 euros, practically the price of a second toothbrush!

Characterized by the well-known Oral-B build quality, the Pro 2 is a toothbrush essential and elegant, whose strength is not the refinement of the form factor, nor any specific smart feature, but the efficiency of its cleaning system which, thanks to its excellent round head, is able to remove up to 100% more of plaque compared to a traditional manual toothbrush.

The powerful and rapid rotations of Oral-B Pro 2 will guarantee you a perfect and efficient cleaning, giving you, day after day, a healthier and more natural smile, also helping you in prevent inflammation or gum injury.

Oral-B Pro 2, in fact, in addition to acting delicately on teeth and gums, also has a simple but efficient brushing pressure sensor, which will alert you with the activation of a red light , whenever you are applying too much pressure in cleaning.

Read also: Electric toothbrushes | The best of 2022 Including a hard travel case, perfect for taking your toothbrush on the road or, perhaps, on your next summer vacation, Oral B Pro 2 is an efficient and great value for money electric toothbrush, and it's for this is what this offer, with a 50% discount, is more captivating than ever! For this reason, we invite you to buy the toothbrush immediately taking advantage of the discount, which is why we refer you directly to the Amazon page dedicated to the promo, so as to complete your purchase as soon as possible.

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