Not even is saved from scams

Not even is saved from scams

Scams in the world of video games are always around the corner, but what happened at is truly incredible. As reported by PC Gamer, in fact, the website was literally copied by a webmaster, who now sells some of the video games on the platform without the consent of the creators. An absurd story, which highlights several crimes in this regard.

Let's go in order: the copy of is called and is basically a carbon copy of the original site. The differences? The lack of authorization to sell certain games and the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a payment method. A little strange, don't you think? Actually no: the whole site is obviously a scam, which uses the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) of Web3 to be able to earn some money from unwitting users. Cryptocurrencies are also difficult to trace and this facilitates the scammer's task.


- leaf @ (@moonscript) June 29, 2022

Beyond the graphics and the copied name, the most serious thing obviously remains the video games stolen and sold without any authorization. This is a real crime and the hope is that all the developers can dissociate themselves from this practice and that they manage, in some way, to denounce the creators. This episode proves, once again, that the Web3 is still a long way from being regulated and controlled. Perhaps, before talking about total innovation, we should be able to set up a structure that is at least legal. For now, stay away from the clone and buy indie video games only on