Highway fares could increase ahead of the holidays

Highway fares could increase ahead of the holidays

From the end of June, motorway tolls will increase by 1.5%; the forecast comes directly from Autostrade per l'Italia, in a situation that is not exactly rosy for road users who are already having to pay a heavy price for a full tank of petrol.

The increase is not yet official, but Aspi explained that the decision is still in the preliminary phase and will be decided by the competent authorities, even if after the four-year block it is to be believed that the increase of the rate will be confirmed for all purposes. - th_motorlabs_d_mh2_1 slot id: th_motorlabs_d_mh2 "); }
Thank goodness after today's shooting, where they already expected an increase of 1.5%, ASPI realized that the tariffs must be examined by both the Transport Authority and the Ministry. Fortunately, the reform of Art's tolls prevents disproportionate and unjustified increases to the detriment of consumers, not allowing the insertion of improper items to justify the toll increases, in the face of non-existent investments and unchanged services for users. Not to mention that now the Authority, in the face of annual checks, can also revoke the increases already decided in the event of non-compliance with the time schedules.

As if petrol were not enough and now the (unconfirmed) increase in tolls, to further aggravate Italian motorists there is the increase in car rental costs (+ 67% compared to the same period of 2021), the scarce availability of new cars ready for delivery and the increase, even stellar in some situations, in the price of second-hand cars.

While for most of these problems there are no short-term maneuvers and remedies, as far as fuels are concerned, the situation could improve; in recent days, the government has extended the cut in excise duties by 30 cents per liter (for petrol, diesel, LPG and methane) until 2 August. Unfortunately it should be noted that, despite the measure, the average price of petrol and diesel is still quite high and above 2 euros per liter.

A small relief could come from the Fuel Bonus of 200 euros, a voucher designed by the State, expiring on January 12, 2023, to alleviate the wave of price increases that hit Italy (and beyond) from few months.