Gran Turismo 7: the Champion Valerio Gallo leaves the game in controversy, too many problems

Gran Turismo 7: the Champion Valerio Gallo leaves the game in controversy, too many problems

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is not "ready for eSports", reported Valerio Gallo, who has announced that he will abandon the Polyphony Digital game until the various problems that afflict him are resolved, and this is an evaluation of some importance. considering it comes from the World Champion at the Nations Cup of GT Sport.

"I'm officially taking a break from everything until Gran Turismo 7 is a game fit to play and ready for eSports," wrote Gallo on Twitter in recent days. The idea is that the virtual pilot wanted above all to send a message to Polyphony Digital, in order to encourage the developers to solve the problems affecting the online component of the game.

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"I'm honestly worried about the future of Gran Turismo 7", Gallo had previously written, arguing that the new chapter seemed "no longer fun, not motivating to play", echoing criticisms also coming from other well-known streamers in the field of racing and Gran Turismo in particular, such as Steve Alvarez Brown.

It should be noted that in this case these protests concern the online component of Gran Turismo 7 and in particular the elements that tend more towards eSport, therefore it is a different situation compared to the controversies arising from the policy on progression and prices of in-game cars, and perhaps it concerns aspects that are grasped to a lesser extent by "standard" players.

According to some pro players, the various patches applied so far have ended up penalizing the online multiplayer component that seems less cured than the rest, with servers that are more unstable and problematic than what was seen also in Gran Turismo Sport. Among the elements subject to the greatest criticism by these virtual pilots are the management of online lobbies, the balance and stability of the gaming experience on the servers.

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Gran Turismo 7’s next update will add three new cars, which may include the Escudo Pikes Peak

The next free update for Gran Turismo 7 will be coming this week, adding three new cars to the game.

As has now become tradition, the game’s producer Kazunori Yamauchi tweeted over the weekend, simply saying: “Update is coming next week.”

This was accompanied, as usual, by a teaser image showing the three new cars in silhouette, as was the case in May and April‘s updates.

Gran Turismo news site GTPlanet claims to have identified two of the three cars, but hasn’t pinned down the identity of the third.

According to GTPlanet, the top car in in the image is the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak, which is considered something of a favourite among Gran Turismo fans because of its extreme speed.

The site claims the second car appears to be a new Gr.3 version of the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo, which was added to the game in May.

As for the identity of the third car, the site suggests that it could be a convertible version of the 1932 Ford or the Deuce Roadster, but can’t come to a definitive conclusion.

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Gran Turismo 7’s version 1.15 update went live in late May, adding three new cars. It was the game’s tweak to its Legend car prices that led to the most debate, however.

The update revised prices “according to real world valuations under guidance from [classic car insurance company] Hagerty”, which Sony said would be applied from the next line-up update.

Datamined information revealed that, following the update, 27 cars had gone up in price, 21 stayed the same, and two went go down in price. Most notably, the price of the Ferrari F40 had almost doubled from 1.35 million credits to 2.6 million credits.

While the game has made a strong commercial start in the US, Gran Turismo 7 has had a very rocky launch which has seen it receive Sony’s lowest ever user score on Metacritic.

The vast majority of Gran Turismo 7’s user reviews were posted on or after March 17, when developer Polyphony Digital released a controversial patch reducing payouts from the game’s races, thus making it harder to unlock new cars without spending on microtransactions.

Following severe criticism from players, Polyphony released a significant Gran Turismo 7 update in April which rebalanced the in-game economy.