Fight the summer heat with this cooler 34% off on eBay!

Fight the summer heat with this cooler 34% off on eBay!

If you are looking for a way to lower the room temperature without relying on expensive solutions or those that require a complicated installation, then we strongly recommend that you evaluate the offer that eBay has reserved for this valid evaporative cooler, discounted by 34% and available for only 56. , € 06 instead of € 84.95.

We are talking about a product of excellent workmanship and perfect for this period, in which the asphyxiating heat could lower our energies, making us feel tired and exhausted. The one proposed by eBay, as mentioned, will be able to lower the temperature in a natural way by simply adding a couple of ice containers inside the dedicated tray.

An excellent alternative to the classic air conditioner or air conditioner, able to cool the environment in a short time and not by a few degrees, as perhaps one would expect from a product with such an affordable price. The advantages of relying on an evaporative cooler like this will also be noted on the energy bill, as this model only delivers 75W, nothing compared to the electricity consumption typical of fixed air conditioners. You can therefore keep it on for as long as you want, making sure you will not receive a high bill.

In addition to cooling the environment with the help of ice, this evaporative cooler will allow you to lower the temperature environment also through the classic ventilation system, to which a humidifying function is also added, making it a 3-in-1 appliance. The speed of the cooling system also boasts 3 different options, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the air flow according to your needs. Finally, we point out that this model boasts a touch control panel and is equipped with a practical remote control, useful for controlling the cooler from a distance.

Read also: Portable air conditioners | The best of 2022 In short, an excellent product at an affordable price, which is why if you are interested in this offer, we strongly suggest that you take a look at the dedicated page on eBay and take advantage of this opportunity while you are in time.

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