Steam: the Paradox sales allow you to buy many strategic products at reduced prices

Steam: the Paradox sales allow you to buy many strategic products at reduced prices


If you like strategic video games, you will be happy to know that the Paradox Interactive sales are active on Steam, which allow you to take home some excellent strategic games for prices reduced by up to 80%.

The event is was accompanied by the opportunity to try Stellaris for free, one of the most loved space 4X ever, and then maybe buy it together with some DLC.

Crusader Kings III is one of the titles on offer in the Paradox sales. the titles on offer are highlighted the Cities Skylines city management software, sold with a 75% discount (€ 6.99), the masterpieces Hearts of Iron IV and Crusader Kings III, the first sold with a 75% discount (9 , € 99) and the second with 20% (€ 39.99).

The event is also a great way to remember the next Paradox Interactive strategy coming up: Victoria 3, whose official release date is not yet known, but which should be available by the end of the 'year. Of course there are other games on offer as well. If you want the complete overview, please visit the Paradox Interactive sales page on Steam.

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Gaming Stats: 5 Players That Own the Most Games on Steam

by Loredana HarsanaLoredana is a passionate writer with a keen interest in PC software and technology. She started off writing about mobile phones back when Samsung Galaxy S II was... read more

Published on May 22, 2022

  • Steam boasts more than 18 million concurrent users at any given time and has more than 50,000+ games available for purchase.
  • An average player has about 20 games, but you can find many variations on this spectrum depending on the user.
  • Some of the most prolific players enjoy the status of game collectors and own an insane number of games.
  • FI game collecters on steam

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  • Steam is an online gaming, social networking, and DRM platform, and it is the largest digital game distributor in the world.

    It has more than 100 million active users, and more than 20 million people use it every day. That’s a lot of people! 

    According to statistics, an average gamer owns about 20 games, but there are a few players on Steam who are more interested in collecting games and building large Steam libraries.

    These players already have a staggering number of titles under their belts.

    How many online Steam games are there

    According to the website, there are over 50,000+ titles available for purchase on Steam. That’s not all, there are even more free-to-play games on the platform.

    The number of games that can be purchased on Steam is constantly growing, as developers release more titles every year. 

    Who has the most games on Steam

    Sonix Steam profile

    Sonix is a player with the biggest library and has amassed a collection of over 28,000 games on Steam.

    Not only that, this player has almost 10,000 games still on his Wishlist. So, he is not stopping any time soon.

    dwight-schrute profile

    Dwight Schrute is one of the most prolific game collectors on Steam. He currently owns 27,073 games in his library and counting. He started playing 13 years ago and has almost 37,000 hours of gameplay under his belt.

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    jieyu Steam profile

    Jieyu is a member of the community with nearly 27,000 games in his account. As a result of this achievement, he has taken a spot on the ownership leaderboard.

    darcy profile

    Following closely behind Jieyu is Darcy, who at 320 level owns the library of 26,500+ Steam games.

    Hush please Steam profile

    With 25,000+ games, Hush_Please is the owner of one of the most impressive collections. The player has been active since 2014 and has been adding a game every few days since then.

    If you’re looking to start building your game collection on Steam, you can take inspiration from the above five players who already have a staggering number of titles under their belts.

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