Will GTA 6 suffer from issues like the GTA Trilogy? Talk Take-Two

Will GTA 6 suffer from issues like the GTA Trilogy? Talk Take-Two

Not even a week has passed since Rockstar Games officially declared that it was working on GTA 6, and without wasting time Take-Two has already wanted to take the word on what the future of this saga will be. Just recently we reported on our digital pages the first statements of the American giant on the new GTA and on what will be the timing of the announcement of Rockstar Games, but it does not stop there.

To date we still know little or nothing about GTA 6, and it is still very complex to understand what the sixth main chapter of the Rockstar saga will be like, so in a moment like this, speculations and doubts still dominate. Many fans of the saga did not like the state of the recent GTA Trilogy very much, and for this reason Take-Two wanted to get their hands on the quality that the next chapter of GTA will have when it comes out.

" We are totally focused on quality and always want to offer the best possible experience to the players, ”said Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick. “We have very rarely been able to release products to match, and I think the GTA Trilogy was an example of that as the title launched with some issues. We've fixed a lot of them and there are more corrective patches on the way. "

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