It Takes Two has sold five million copies, Hazelight Studios announces

It Takes Two has sold five million copies, Hazelight Studios announces

It Takes Two has sold five million copies

It Takes Two, the game of the year 2021 for The Game Awards 2021, has sold the beauty of five million copies, as announced by the official Twitter account of Hazelight Studios, the software house that developed it.

"5 ... It Takes Two has sold five million copies! As a development team we are thrilled by the mere thought of how many people have enjoyed our game!"

It's all about a respectable result, considering that the game is only cooperative and has certainly not received the marketing of a triple A (although recently there has been a lot of talk about it for the many awards it has received).

Sales like this high are also excellent in view of the announced film. In short, Josef Fares and his colleagues can be happy with the result obtained, from what has been recognized almost universally as a very high quality and very deep title.

For more details, read our review of It Takes Two .

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It Takes Two Passes 5 Million Copies Sold, Is Hazelight's Most Successful Game Ever

Hazelight's celebrated co-op game It Takes Two has reached a new sales milestone, surpassing 5 million copies sold since the game launched in March 2021.

'Our team is absolutely stunned just thinking about how many players have now enjoyed our game!' the developer wrote on Twitter in celebration of the news.

With sales of 5 million units, It Takes Two is Hazelight's most successful game of all time, surpassing 2018's A Way Out, which sold more than 3.5 million copies. It Takes Two is exclusively a co-op game, so presumably many more than 5 million people have actually played the game.

One of GameSpot's favorite split-screen co-op games, our It Takes Two review scored the game a 9/10. 'Takes Two is the best 3D platformer I've played since Super Mario Odyssey, and like that game, it has a flair for variety,' reviewer Andrew King said.

Hazelight and director Josef Fares have not announced their next game, but it'll be one to watch given how successful It Takes Two, A Way Out, and Brothers have been.

The announcement of 5 million sales for It Takes Two comes not long after news broke that a TV or film adaptation of It Takes Two was in development.

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