Electronic Arts backs off on NFTs: "we are not aiming strongly"

Electronic Arts backs off on NFTs: we are not aiming strongly

Electronic Arts backs off on NFTs

NFTs, to the chagrin of many players and critics, are one of the hottest topics of recent months. Many companies have professed their appreciation for these tokens, including Electronic Arts. Now, however, EA backs off and claims it is not heavily betting on them.

Three months ago, remember, EA said that NFTs were "an important part of the company's future". Now, though, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson said, "I believe collectibles will continue to be an important part of our industry, the games and experiences we offer our players. part of a blockchain, remains to be seen. We will evaluate this over time, but currently it is not something we are strongly betting on. "

A mosaic of EA games The turnaround of Electronic Arts is not then so surprising, considering the huge criticism that the players but also part of the market address to NFTs. Without having to search too much, it is easy to find that 80% of OpenSea NFTs created for free are a scam.

Various companies have tried to present their plans for NFTs, such as Team17, Atari, but also Ubisoft , however, which did not achieve the desired success and commented stating that it is the players who do not understand the advantages of NFTs. Even GameStop is focusing on NFTs.

We will have to see in the coming months how the market evolves and what strategy will be adopted by the larger companies.

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