Zetha Mansion ep.04: Transformers (with Alex China)

Zetha Mansion ep.04: Transformers (with Alex China)

Zetha Mansion ep.04

In the fourth episode of Zetha Mansion we talk about Transformers and collecting related toys, in a really interesting journey together with Alex China.

The world of Transformers, although it now has many years, it is always incredibly fascinating.

If you are children of the 80s you will have grown up with the famous toys and related cartoons, but the brand has also acquired a new popularity thanks to live action films (the so-called "Bayverse") and also a twist with the Netflix series War For Cybertron.

Today we take you on a journey into Transformers collecting: from the Japanese beginnings of Diaclone to all size classes of Hasbro models, a passage to the famous and beautiful Takara Tomy / Hasbro Masterpieces passing through the most interesting third parties.

To learn more about the origins of the Transformers, read the article by CulturaPOP!

Vi we recommend acquired, approaches and we give you all those tips to approach the world of Transformers, one of the most fascinating series of toys collectibles in the entire history of toys together with Masters Of The Universe, G.I. Joe and company.

And below we leave you some tips for shopping on Amazon with a selection of interesting models in terms of quality and price.

More than meets the eye!

Jazz - Studio Series '86

Grimlock - Studio Series '86

Wheeljack - War for Cybertron

Optimus Prime - War for Cybertron

Trasnformers Collaborative Universal - Draculus

Transformers Generations - Ectotron Ecto1

Kingdom Leader Ultra Magnus - War for Cybertron

Kingdom Voyager Cyclonus

Kingdom Leader Megatron Beast

War for Cybertron: Kingdom Voyager, WFC-K18 Dinobot

War for Cybertron: Kingdom Voyager, WFC-K8 Optimus Primal

War for Cybertron: Kingdom Deluxe, WFC-K5 Blackarachnia

MV6 Masterpiece BumbleBee Movie Autobot

Hasbro Transformers Autobots Ark Titan Class

Rodimus Prime Commander Class - (watch Rodimus Prime video review on Youtube)