The Transformers RPG will soon be a reality

The Transformers RPG will soon be a reality

Renegade Game Studios will release the first Transformers RPG manual and other themed accessories in March.

An RPG that promises epic adventures to save the Earth

With this RPG, players can impersonate an Autobot they designed and defend Earth from the Decepticons. In the manual there will be a guide for the creation of the character, with models of cars, weapons, upgrades and enemy cards. There will be a lot of material to create epic and fun adventures.

In the same manual there will also be all the tools for the master to create his own adventure and to invent new npc (non playable characters).

The manual also includes an adventure for new players so that everyone can get to grips with the game.

The core rules for the Transformers RPG will sell for $ 55.00 upon release. In addition, a deluxe version will be released in conjunction with the "regular" one which will have a different cover with silver inserts and foil always at $ 55.00 upon release.

A second manual will also be sold The Transformers Roleplaying Game: A Beacon of Hope Adventure & GM Screen containing just an adventure and the master screen. The latter will have themed artwork on the front. In the back instead there will be a summary of the most important rules to help the master during the game.

The screen includes a 32-page adventure for players who have already completed the initial one in the basic manual but who don't have enough already. The master screen will sell for $ 28.00 on release.

The Transformers dice bag will sell for $ 15.00, will have the classic Autobots logo on the front and will be soft inside to allow an easy exit of the dice it will contain.

Finally, a set of themed dice will also be released which will contain 7 exclusive dice and a coin (which will act as d2) with the Autobots and Decepticons logo. The set will also be sold for $ 15.00.