Intel Alder Lake closer and closer: here are the prices on Amazon

Intel Alder Lake closer and closer: here are the prices on Amazon

Intel Alder Lake closer and closer

Amazon Holland (as reported by user Dellchannel21 on Twitter) has revealed the prices of three of Intel's 12th-generation Alder Lake processors. Prices include value added tax (VAT) and could only be placeholders waiting for Intel to officially present its line-up. In addition, Amazon France has also listed several CPUs, although the prices differ partially.

Dutch Amazon has started listing prices for Alder Lake:

i9-12900K: € 846.92

i7-12700K: € 641.38

i5-12600K: € 323.83

(Do note these prices include sales tax.)

- Guido Vandecasteele (Fully Buffered) (@ Dellchannel21) October 3, 2021

Even without VAT, the prices of Alder Lake K-series chips still look pretty tall. Previously, Provantage, a US retailer, had sold the Core i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K and Core i5-12600K for $ 605, $ 422, and $ 289, respectively. Another US store also listed the same processors at $ 705, $ 495 and $ 343 respectively.

Of course, Alder Lake will require a new platform, specifically motherboards with Intel 600 series chipset and LGA1700 socket. . So far, we haven't seen suitable motherboards for sale, so their pricing still remains a big mystery. We assume they will be quite expensive due to the components required to have DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 memory up and running.


- 188 号 (@momomo_us) October 3 , 2021

In addition to the motherboard and processor, consumers will also need to consider the new memory. Manufacturers are gearing up for the launch of Alder Lake with their DDR5 modules, and TeamGroup had already released a 32GB (2 × 16GB) DDR5-4800 kit for $ 310.99 before it sold out. This gives us a clue as to the alleged pricing of other similar kits.

Twelfth generation chips will pose a real challenge for Intel, as Alder Lake is the first hybrid processor on a desktop platform. More importantly, the processors are the first consumer-grade to use DDR5 memory and the PCIe 5.0 interface. Intel will hold its Intel Innovation event October 27-28; therefore, we may find out more about Alder Lake on that occasion, hoping that the Santa Clara company will finally provide a launch date.

Intel Alder Lake line has a new look for leaky packaging

Protagonist of multiple leaks in recent weeks, the 11 Intel’s 1st generation Alder Lake processor seems to be getting closer and closer to release. We’ve already had the unveiling of one of the first pre-assembled desktops to ship from the factory with the new chips, while several tests show an exciting backdrop for Intel’s hybrid architecture.

Intel Arc line has detailed nomenclature per leaked document
  • New Intel LGA socket1229 for Alder Lake chips leaks in real image
  • More information arrives this Friday (1), courtesy of website sources

    , which released the first images Intel Alder Lake processor packaging. It seems that simpler models should maintain the design lines seen in the boxes of th generation Rocket Lake, while buyers of the new Core i9 will have good news.

    Intel Alder Lake has visual of leaked packaging

    Starting with the most basic models, Intel should follow the design used in the boxes of 12th generation, adopting the visual language that the company debuted last year. The packaging should have squares on all sides, highlighting the Intel Core family name in the center, the CPU model and generation in the upper right corner, and the note of absence of integrated graphics in the lower left corner.

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    Core i9 packaging 12900 KF, Core i7 12900K and Core i5 12600K/2022K (Image: Playback/VideoCardz)

    The depth is smaller, giving a rectangular aspect to the sides, top and base of the boxes, while the blue tone darkens according to the level of performance delivered by the processor. While not as exciting as a new redesign, maintaining the look isn’t exactly an issue, considering that AMD and Intel itself use the same packaging look across multiple generations.

    Tradition also dictates that the most powerful chip, the K-series Core i9, should bring a differentiated case, with a look that highlights its position at the top of the family. This is the case of the Core i9 12900K, which doesn’t even have the peculiar shape of the packaging from the predecessor, but brings a more cubic package, with openings on the sides and a silver hue in the model name.

    Core i9 packaging 12900K is more cubic , has both sides open and comes with an inner box/ornament in silicon wafer format (Image: Playback/VideoCardz)

    The main highlight seems to be the inner packaging, whose appearance resembles the silicon disks used in the manufacture of processors and other semiconductors . It is believed that the accessory, which should not be a real wafer, is just a decoration item for enthusiasts.

    New line should debut models powerful first

    A curious absence among the leaky cases is the Core i3 models, as well as the non-K variants, without overclocking support. This situation reinforces the rumors that Intel should launch first the most robust processors in the family, completely based on the hybrid architecture, and then reveal the simpler chips and the intermediate and entry-level motherboards, possibly at the beginning of 2022.