Is this the price of Alder Lake CPUs?

Is this the price of Alder Lake CPUs?

Rumors continue about the new CPUs produced by Intel, the Alder Lake series: since last week, a first photo has been circulating, which appeared during the Intel Architecture Day 2021, and the first performance tests, where an Intel Core i7-12700 is compared with the previous Rocket Lake. A few hours ago, on Twitter, a new, potentially interesting preview appeared. What is it about?

The tweet was published by the Japanese profile Momomo_us, who introduces himself as: “An uncle who deals with information that escapes. He only cares about what a source has or what has been proven. He please do research or try again for details ”. The place of origin of the tweets is "from inside a shell". The content, which you can see in the image below, is clear: the leak presents the upcoming Alder Lake 12xxx series of CPUs, accompanied by summary information on performance and, above all, by the recommended price in euros without and with value taxes. added.

A screenshot of @momomo_us' tweet. Source: Twitter It is not currently possible to establish the veracity or otherwise of the leak published by Momomo_us but, if these prices were to be confirmed, they would be - as noted in some comments - really competitive. At the moment, however, it is impossible to verify whether these rumors are true or not. What is now certain is that the hybrid architecture of Alder Lake CPUs will affect PC performance in a specific way: Intel itself has talked about it on the pages of HotChips 33.

The launch date of the 12th Intel CPU generation, on the other hand, could be suggested by a roadmap published by the company. We talked about it here, but doubts persist about an effective simultaneous launch of all bands (economic, medium, top of the range) of the Alder Lake series.

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