GTA The Trilogy, the launch date may be near

GTA The Trilogy, the launch date may be near

GTA The Trilogy

The announcement of GTA: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition has made everyone happy, we cannot deny it. Each of us has played at least once the chapters that have characterized the era of PlayStation 2, and to be able to spend time once again with GTA 3, Vice City and the historic San Andreas on the next generation consoles, including Nintendo Switch, ago undoubtedly pleasure. As we have reported, Rockstar Games has not revealed much about this remastered collection, only explaining that it is coming and announcing the platforms.

However, for many months there have been rumors of the existence of GTA: The Trilogy and in fact, the announcement did not surprise anyone. After being officially confirmed, the well-known insider Tom Henderson also revealed what the launch date could be closer than you think: in an article published on GamingIntel, Henderson explains that he heard from his sources that GTA: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition will be released on November 11, 2021, so in just over a month.

The insider also adds that he has been told that the announcement of the release period will be confirmed on October 22, which is precisely the date of the twentieth anniversary of Grand Theft Auto 3. No other information has been revealed, however, regarding the collection, nor do we yet know how far Rockstar Games has gone with the remastering process. After all, we must also consider that what Tom Henderson said is not officially confirmed and, consequently, we must take all these details as rumors.

In any case, considering how much has been said about it in the past, it's not that unthinkable that GTA: The Trilogy will be released just in a month. We therefore await more official information from Rockstar Games, hoping that they can really arrive this October 22nd. Let us know with a comment what you think and especially which of the three games you are waiting for the most.

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Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy is officially coming this year

Photo credit: Rockstar

Rockstar Games has, in entirely expected news, announced a Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy is coming to modern consoles.

It's been heavily rumoured that the immensely popular series would re-release the iconic classics GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas in one package with some modern enhancements. And by 'heavily rumoured' we mean 'aspects of it leaked all over the place'.

Still, Rockstar has made an official announcement now, confirming the 'Definitive Edition' trilogy is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Photo credit: Rockstar

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All the games will have modern gameplay enhancements and improved visuals, but still maintain the look and feel of the original games.

Annoyingly, the only thing that hasn't leaked or been officially shown off is gameplay footage, so we don't know how far these remasters will go with the visual overhauls. Still, Grand Theft Auto on Switch!

As an additional note, next week will see the removal of the current versions of the games from digital platforms. On PlayStation 4/5, that means the original PS2 versions running in HD under emulation with trophy support, and on Xbox consoles it's the 360 version that was (poorly) converted from the smartphone release.

Photo credit: Rockstar

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So if you want something as close to the original experience as possible, or are afraid Rockstar might mess this remaster up, we'd highly recommend nabbing the current versions on PlayStation while you still can.

Oh, and speaking of smartphones, iOS and Android will be getting these new versions of the trilogy in the first half of 2022.

If you've never played this classic trilogy of games before, they might come off as unpolished compared to GTA V, but they revolutionised open-world game design and influenced the structure of countless games that followed. Plus, Samuel L Jackson.

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