Xbox puts a point at the console war on Twitter

Xbox puts a point at the console war on Twitter

Just as it was for PS4 and Xbox One, or even before with PS3 and Xbox 360, even in recent months players from all over the world are discussing the same topic: better PlayStation or Xbox Series X? A simple question but full of possible solutions, all valid based on the subjectivity of those who actually play. Generally, there is no real answer, precisely because it depends on the objective of the question.

If you want to take part in an immersive gaming experience we could choose PS5 with its Dualsense, while if we prefer playing a huge catalog of titles from different generations, the mind would immediately go to the Xbox Series X | S, which is also selling very well. However, the subjectivity of the choice does not stop players who are always trying to create a flame on social networks, especially on the pages of large companies such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

This is certainly not a novelty, so much so that the companies always have specific plans to deal with this kind of behavior, generally avoiding responding to those users. However, the official Xbox Twitter page surprised everyone by deciding not only to make an official comment but also saying what, in their opinion, is the best console currently on the market. In the tweet we leave below, we can read "to the people who answer us by saying 'PS5 is better': the best console is the one you enjoy playing with. Enjoy yourselves! "

To the people in our replies saying 'PS5 is better':

The best console is the one you enjoy playing. Have fun!

- Xbox (@Xbox) July 16, 2021

Microsoft therefore breaks a spear in favor of entertainment, trying not to put its Xbox Series X in a good light but by advising all users to play as they prefer. It goes without saying that many users appreciated this stance including Cory Balrog of Santa Monica Studio, who responded with a heart, or Andy Salisbury, community manager of 343 Industries. Please let us know with a comment which platforms you play the most.

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