The new functions in Italian of Apple Pencil

The new functions in Italian of Apple Pencil

It will now be possible to copy the handwriting as text as well as automatically detect the data entered with the capacitive stylus

(Photo: Apple) There is also Italian in the supported languages ​​introduced by the iPadOs 14 update which allows - among other things - to recognize handwriting to digitize it and copy it more easily within the operating system of the tablet of the bitten apple. Together with French, German, Portuguese and Spanish, our language can thus exploit the full potential of the capacitive nib of the bitten apple.

As specified in the specific iPadOs 14 news page, it can therefore be written by hand on the touchscreen of one of the iPad models compatible with Pencil and the text will become glue like a normal digital input, also becoming clickable and interactive if for example you have typed in a web address, start a phone call you have written a number of a new contact or directly create an event to save in the calendar. An extra gear for productivity designed specifically for those who make extensive use of Apple Pencil not only for drawing, but also for working.

(Photo: Apple) Up to now these smart copy-paste functions of writing manual and text and data detection were the prerogative only of English and Chinese, while with the introduction of the four new languages ​​it spans a large part of the world, given that variants such as Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish are also considered Mexican, Canadian French or Swiss Italian and so on.

These new functions add to the compatibility added a few months ago with the Scribble function and it is now possible not only to write in any text field on iPadOs, but letters and numbers are detected even if you go beyond the edges of the field itself.

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