Surprise Huawei: here is a self-driving bicycle

Surprise Huawei: here is a self-driving bicycle

Surprise Huawei

Huawei is working on a completely unexpected new product: it is a self-driving bicycle, able to drive itself and remain in balance even on the thinnest surfaces, as you can see from the photo where you can see the bike remain in balance. on a metal fence.

Huawei's autonomous bike is equipped with a truly impressive amount of high-tech sensors: on the bike we find high-precision sensors for balance, cameras with image recognition software and an artificial intelligence system that makes the presence of a rider on board superfluous.

The idea for this project was born following a bicycle accident that occurred to one of the team's engineers, Zhihui Jun, who in following an injury he decided to try to make bicycles safer: from here, the team realized the possibility of creating a self-driving bike. The project was obviously born on CAD, and once a physical prototype was created, two brushless motors and an automatic steering were installed on it; later an RGBD camera, accelerometer, gyroscope and even a LiDAR sensor were added. The main module of the bike is located under the seat, and the whole is powered by a lithium battery that can last up to 3 hours.

Huawei engineers have installed a control module on this bike that it works in a very similar way to that used on artificial satellites, to maintain balance. They are very small but very precise sensors, able to detect even the most imperceptible of inclinations: after detection, the data is sent to the control module that takes care of keeping the bike in balance, while the electric motor positioned on the rear wheel allows the bike to move without the need to pedal. The future of electric mobility could also be this.

Huawei working on its own under-display camera

The smartphone world has gone through some exciting changes in the last few years. We saw bezels shrink, only to get annoying notches on most flagships, a punch-hole display here and there, and a couple of mechanical modules to house the selfie cameras. We have also witnessed the launch of foldable phones and some dual-screen devices as well. Huawei was also part of those changes, as it gave us several devices with a notch. It managed to launch a couple of foldable phones even after losing Google services, and it seems that it may also be working to give us a new phone with an under-display selfie camera.

Huawei may not be the smartphone behemoth it was a couple of years ago because of the US ban, but that doesn’t mean that the company has given up on creating some of the most impressive phones in the market, even with limited suppliers. The company refuses to budge, and it has found ways to keep us interested in their devices, and the latest leak suggests that the Chinese tech giant wants to give its users a phone with an under-display camera.

According to the renders created by the guys at LetsGoDigital, Huawei may have a nice surprise in store for us. The inspiration for these renders was found in an official document that came with illustrations, and they give us a very clear idea of Huawei’s plans for a future phone with an under-display camera.

Unfortunately, this device does not seem to be a flagship, as it looks very similar to the Honor X20 SE, but let’s not forget that this is just a representation of the patent. The renders give us a new device with a triple camera setup, and yes, an audio jack. However, many things can change, and we know that Huawei makes some beautiful smartphones.

Source LetsGoDigital

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