Star Comics: here are the three incredible new manga announcements

Star Comics: here are the three incredible new manga announcements

Star Comics

Every opportunity is good to pull some new manga announcements out of the hat. For this reason, on the occasion of the World Emoji Day held on July 17, three little ones based, obviously, on emojis were proposed on the social channels of Star Comics. Today is the time to unveil the solutions for three new manga ads.

Star Comics: the resolution of the riddles

The first announcement concerns DEMON SLAYER - KIMETSU NO YAIBA (which you can find on Amazon), and in particular the anime taken from the Koyoharu Gotouge series . This is the first of the three official character books that will give millions of fans of this work many juicy details on the characters that have made DEMON SLAYER - KIMETSU NO YAIBA a worldwide success.

You will find curiosities and insights on the main characters and demons encountered by Tanjiro along the way, but also interviews with Japanese voice actors and comments from staff members and much more! And there will be nice stickers, a poster and a fantastic gallery of color illustrations. We remind you that the TV ANIME KIMETSU NO YAIBA OFFICIAL CHARACTER BOOK n. 1 will arrive in Italy in 2022!

Let's now move on to the second title. Think you guessed it?

This is MY HERO ACADEMIA (this series can also be found on Amazon) and some readers may have already understood it because MY HERO ACADEMIA - THE MOVIE - HEROES: RISING - NOVEL will arrive in the next few months. Therefore, the Anime Comics based on the famous feature film, the second, inspired by the formidable universe created by Horikoshi Sensei, could not be missing!

From February 2022 MY HERO ACADEMIA - THE MOVIE - HEROES: RISING - ANIME COMICS will be available in the comic shop, bookshop and online store. Last, but certainly not least, this volume will be entirely in color!

It's time for the third and final of today's announcements. Did the dragon suggest anything to you?

Well yes, in January 2022 the first of the three volumes of SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES BIG BANG MISSION will be available, or the third miniseries based on the arcade videogame based on the use of collectible cards that was hugely successful in Japan.

After SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES - MISSION IN THE DARK DEMON WORLD - to be released on July 21 with the third and final volume (pre-order on Amazon) - and SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES - UNIVERSE MISSION! - available at the end of September - you can enjoy a new adventure of the Saiyan warriors, intent on saving the entire Universe!

Star Trek: John de Lancie Teases a Different Q in Picard Season 2

John de Lancie is back as the nigh-omnipotent being Q to make life interesting again for Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Picard's second season. Q was known as a trickster during his appearances on Star Trek: The Next Generation (as well as on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager). But it's been 25 years since then, and it sounds like even a being beyond time can mature. De Lancie has been speaking about his return as Q in his Cameo videos. In one such recent video, he explains the Q of Star Trek: Picard isn't the same troublemaker fans know and love.

'It’s been like 25 years, but I kind of found myself getting into the saddle really easily,' he says (via TrekMovie). 'It wasn’t difficult at all. But I must say it’s not the sort of Puck-ish, Mercutio of old. It’s a different Q this time. It’s what they wanted and I think that it makes sense. But Patrick and I have had a nice opening scenes and scenes with Brent and working with Jonathan Frakes. It’s been really interested and I am delighted. Who would have thought?'

In another video, he seems happy to be back and working with the Star Trek: The Next Generation alumni on the Paramount+ series. 'It’s the oldsters, but we’re pretty good,' he says in another video. 'We really are. [Jonathan] Frakes and I and Brent [Spiner] and Patrick [Stewart] were all going, “You know what, we can still do this. Good! This is fun!” It has been fun, great fun. It’s a very different Q this time. As well as it should be. It’s a very different Q. As a matter of fact, I am going there tomorrow… to deliver a very important scene.'

As for why Q is back in Picard's second season, producer Akiva Goldsman explained it in a recent interview, referencing Q's reputation as a trickster. 'There are a lot of people who think of Q as a trickster god, right? And he is,' Goldsman told The Hollywood Reporter. 'But he's also a profoundly significant relationship in Picard's life. There's a lot of discussion in Picard season two about the nature of connectedness. Q's kind of a great lightning rod for that because in some ways he's one of Picard's deepest — not deep in the same way that Riker is or Beverly Crusher was — but in its own uniquely, profoundly deep relationship.'

What do you think of Q's return? Let us know in the comments. Star Trek: Picard's second season debuts on Paramount+ in 2022. Star Trek: Picard's first season is streaming now on Paramount+.