RW Goen announces three new manga

RW Goen announces three new manga

RW Goen has announced three new manga that will enrich its catalog at the end of the summer. The publishing house will publish a new original work by master Osamu Tezuka, Prince Norman, an exceptional masterpiece of the God of Manga, in an integral and extremely valuable edition that inaugurates the GX line, the spin-off of Alice Academy (Kageki no Kuni no Alice) by Tachibana Higuchi (recovered the series on Amazon) and Prison Experiment by Kantetsu and Chiho Minase. Let's see more in detail.

RW Goen: the late summer releases

Prince Norman by Osamu Tezuka

Format: 15 × 21, B + sc,

Pages: 600

Genre: Shonen / Action / SF

Price: € 17.95

500 million years ago Luna was inhabited by an incredibly advanced and advanced race who were suddenly attacked by alien forces. Their leader, the heroic Prince Norman, decided to go beyond the boundaries of space and time in search of individuals with immense psychic powers to be recruited in order to defend their homeland. But will he be able to make it in time?

Alice Music Academy (3 volumes) by Tachibana Higuchi

Format: 11 × 17, B + sc, b / w

Genre: Shojo / Young / Romantico

Price: € 5.95

When she was still little, Hikari Andou lost her beloved older brother, kidnapped by the mysterious Alice Academy. Twelve years later, the girl has the opportunity to enter the school herself through the Alice Opera Troupe to try to find her brother.

Prison Experiment (10 volumes) by Kantetsu, Chiho Minase

Format: 15 × 21, B + sc, b / w

Pages: 200

Price: € 7.50

Eyama Aito, a high school student, is constantly being bullied. One day a mysterious letter is delivered to him inviting him to a "prisoner's game". He is given the option to choose a person to keep imprisoned for a month, with the possibility of winning a huge sum of money. He chooses the leader of the group that bullies him, Aya Kirishima. Her only rule is that he cannot kill her. Apart from that… everything is allowed!

Eyama's revenge begins!