Richard Branson in space? Already seen in the Simpsons

Richard Branson in space? Already seen in the Simpsons

Seven years ago the Simpsons showed Richard Branson, the eccentric multimillionaire owner of the Virgin brand, the protagonist of a journey into space. A journey that, recently, was actually carried out by the well-known Virgin patron, as you can read in our article. When this happens, we talk about predictions: how many times have you read that the Simpsons have "predicted" something? If you are a fan of this animated sitcom, certainly a lot. But is it really so?

The Simpsons and Richard Branson

One of the peculiarities of the historic sitcom born from the mind of Matt Groening (on this Amazon page you will find a mountain of themed collectibles) is the almost mystical halo around it: how do the writers of the Simpsons manage to “make predictions” with such accuracy? In reality, foresight has nothing to do with any of this. Rather, it would be appropriate to speak of foresight.

Quite simply, the Simpsons are strong (or at least they were) of screenwriters capable of analyzing the present with clarity in order to be able to elaborate a realistic projection of the probable effect of certain present choices in the future. In this specific case, we are talking about episode 15 of season 25, entitled The war of art; the episode in question was aired for the first time in the U.S.A. on March 23, 2014 and in Italy on October 17, 2014.

Here, art forger Klaus Ziegler brags about his work with Lisa Simpson, claiming that his fakes please people all over the world, as shown by several short insights of its satisfied customers. Among these there is also Richard Branson, whom we can see smiling, and evidently pleased with his purchase, an abstract painting created by Ziegler while floating inside a spaceship:

Richard Branson is a visionary and for some time he had expressed the desire to explore space not only in first person: now, thanks to his Virgin Galactic, the dream of space tourism is becoming an ever closer reality.