Raspberry Pi turns cryptocurrency transactions into music

Raspberry Pi turns cryptocurrency transactions into music

In what must be one of the strangest Raspberry Pi projects ever, born from the collaboration of Texas-based Estefannie and the British synth-pop anarchist Look Mum No Computer, the well-known Single Board Computer has been put in the conditions. to generate sounds and music based on fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market.

Credit: Look Mum No Computer Look Mum No Computer, AKA Sam, contacted Esteffanie to take care of the coding. His solution was to use a Raspberry Pi to chart the cryptocurrency markets and send the data to a breadboard full of LEDs. Sam then built a series of analog circuits that slow this transaction data down to a more music-like timing, before routing the output through the oscillators to produce chords.

The end result, as you can hear from the video attached to the news, it is particularly interesting, proposing itself as a work of art that challenges our own concepts of music, fun, time and, in fact, ears. Of course, it's virtually impossible to determine what's going on in the cryptocurrency markets simply based on sounds, but it's definitely a very unique project that offers a fascinating look at what can be achieved with some coding, imagination and data skills.

In case you are interested in learning more about the subject, fortunately there are explanatory videos by both Esteffanie and Look Mum No Computer that explain in more detail the various technical parameters that have been taken into consideration for the realization.

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