QuantWare launches its first commercial quantum processor

QuantWare launches its first commercial quantum processor

Until now, quantum systems were only found at large research institutes and very important commercial companies. But every new technology is democratized sooner or later and it looks like this is about to happen to quantum computing as QuantWare, a Dutch startup, will begin offering its Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) Soprano commercially.

The QuantWare's Soprano processor possesses five qubits with customizable topography, which includes Purcell filters, AirBridge and QuantWare's proprietary TSV configuration. The Soprano processors are also available with customized parameters according to the customer's needs. The company can supply its QPU complete with package or only as a die (with customizable dimensions). Unfortunately, we still don't know what the price of the product will be.

QuantWare guarantees 99.9% single gate qubit fidelity over a T1 time of 10µs (subject to stack quality), which should keep manageable error rates - the company told Ars Technica. While five qubits are few by today's quantum computing "standards," this QPU should be enough to attract researchers from smaller companies and universities.

Matthijs Rijlaarsdam, co-founder of QuantWare, said ( as reported by HPCwire):

Our Soprano QPU represents what the Intel 4004 has been for the semiconductor industry. Superconducting qubits are highly customizable, easy to control, and very scalable. This convenience makes superconducting QPUs by far the ideal candidate for short-term quantum computing applications.

QuantWare predicts that its QPUs will double, or even quadruple, their number of qubits every year, which means that within a short time even the smallest institutions will be able to access supercomputer-class performance.

Quantum processors require extreme cooling methods and, for this reason, not many commercial companies will be able to adopt quantum computing anytime soon, or at least before such cooling technologies become smaller, cheaper and more reliable.

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