Nintendo Switch Pro: Nintendo boss takes a stand - "we are constantly working on new hardware"

Nintendo Switch Pro: Nintendo boss takes a stand - we are constantly working on new hardware

Nintendo Switch Pro

That Nintendo is working on a Switch Pro initially remains a rumor. In a recent question-and-answer session with investors, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa did not want to comment on speculation about a technically revised Nintendo Switch. That should stay that way until the possible announcement. "We are constantly developing hardware, software and dedicated peripherals, but we will not comment on the products that are in development," says Furukawa, as VGC reports in relation to the Japanese Nintendo website.

The company wants to continue on focus on creating unique games. To achieve this, a dedicated game console with integrated hardware and software will continue to be used in the future. Nintendo USA President Doug Bowser recently came to a similar statement. Accordingly, you are constantly looking at new technologies - and how they could improve the gaming experience. But it's not just about technology.

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Why Wasn't The 'Switch Pro' Announced At E3? Nintendo Still Won't Say

During Nintendo’s annual shareholder meeting this week, the firm was asked the obvious question: Why wasn’t the ‘Switch Pro’ shown at E3? It’s a question we asked here at Kotaku, and something both fans and investors want to know.

The new version, which Kotaku predicted could be revealed at E3, was supposed to have a larger OLED handheld screen and enough power to output 4K graphics while docked. The console was supposed to go into production this summer for a holiday release.

“It was widely reported that a new version of the Nintendo Switch would be announced this June at E3, but no new model was announced at the Nintendo Direct E3 2021,” asked an investor. “What are your thoughts regarding the news of new models such as this?”

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa fielded the question, unfortunately giving a non-answer. “Our company uses Nintendo Direct to inform our customers about individual products at the appropriate time,” he replied, stressing the company’s commitment to Nintendo’s unique ideas of play, and making them possible with hardware and games.

“To achieve that,” he continued, “we are constantly developing hardware, software, dedicated peripherals, etc., but we refrain from making comments on specific products still in development.”

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That’s a polite way of Furukawa saying, “No comment.”

In Kotaku’s previous story as to why the “Switch Pro” was missing, our own Ian Walker smartly points out:

Another factor is that Nintendo doesn’t really need the large stage of E3 to launch a new product because it’s done such a great job of creating its own brand of PR event via its semi-regular Nintendo Direct presentations. Nintendo can launch a “Switch Pro” whenever it darn well pleases, totally assured that fans and press will be eager to consume and propagate the news whenever Nintendo’s ready to share it.

At this point, Nintendo does not need E3, but E3 most certainly needs Nintendo. And fans? A new, updated Switch, it seems.