Nintendo Switch OLED: pre-orders available from GameStop, there is also black

Nintendo Switch OLED: pre-orders available from GameStop, there is also black

Nintendo Switch OLED

On the day of July 6, 2021, the Nintendo Switch OLED was unexpectedly revealed, a new version of the hybrid console so called in reference to one of its main features: a larger, brighter and more resistant display. The promotional trailer showed a white console, but a black version with Joy-Con neon emerged from the first pre-orders available on GameStop and from the press releases.

While the gaming world was waiting for an announcement on the phantom Switch Pro, a hypothetical hybrid Nintendo console capable of having more performing hardware performances, the Kyoto house surprised everyone with an updated version of the 2017 console. In reality it is a marketing style that has long distinguished the company, just think of all the versions of Nintendo DS and 3DS published in the past years.

In keeping company with the basic version and the Switch Lite, the new OLED console simply offers a more elegant and functional design, without improving it really performance. On balance this is an updated version that will be useful only to those who have not yet purchased a Nintendo Switch. Beyond the white color, the edges are more rounded, the display should be able to provide more resistance and immersion, the tabletop mode support offers more adjustable solutions, and there is - finally - also a LAN port on the dock. br>
From the pre-orders and press releases that have sprung up in the hours following the announcement, a version with a standard black docking station and Joy-Con colored in the typical red and blue of Nintendo Switch has also appeared. This version is called Nintendo Switch OLED - Color Neon. Both versions of the new console are priced at around € 350 and will be released on October 8, 2011, simultaneously with Metroid Dread.

You can pre-order Metroid Dread, also playable on a Nintendo Switch base or Lite model, by following this link.

Nintendo's new Switch OLED promises a bigger and better screen — here's how it compares to the standard Switch and Switch Lite

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  • Nintendo's new Switch OLED console has slimmer bezels and a bigger screen with better contrast.
  • It still offers the same 720p screen resolution and 1080p TV output as the previous model, however.
  • The Nintendo Switch OLED will launch on October 8 for $350 —that's $50 more than the standard model.
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    Nintendo announced its new Switch OLED console on July 6. The new model costs $350 and will be available to buy on October 8. The Switch OLED will join the previously released standard Switch ($300) and the Switch Lite ($200).

    The upgrades on the Nintendo Switch OLED are mainly focused on its built-in screen. The new model has a larger display that uses OLED technology rather than LCD. OLED screens offer better contrast than LCD displays thanks to self-illuminating pixels that enable true black levels. OLEDs are also capable of better viewing angles than most LCDs.

    Apart from the screen, the new Nintendo Switch OLED comes with a slight design refresh for the console itself, including slimmer bezels and a wider stand that is now adjustable. Nintendo also said the new Switch OLED comes with improved audio and 64GB of built-in storage compared to the 32GB in the standard Switch and Switch Lite. 

    The new Nintendo Switch dock, which comes included with the Switch OLED, also looks sleeker with more rounded corners and a white color option, and it includes an Ethernet port. Nintendo also touted white JoyCon controllers, but the controllers themselves are otherwise identical to the original. There's no information as of yet whether Nintendo addressed the widely reported joystick drifting issues. 

    On the downside, the Nintendo Switch OLED is missing some key hardware improvements that many buyers were expecting. Namely, video resolution in TV mode is still capped at 1080p rather than the expected, sharper 4K resolution. Nintendo hasn't added Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headphones, either. Under the hood, the chip used in the OLED model is the same NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor used in the standard Switch and Switch Lite.

    Below, we've put together a full comparison of key specifications for every Nintendo Switch model.

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