The new Nintendo Switch with oled display

The new Nintendo Switch with oled display

The second version of the hybrid console could anticipate the times and arrive in September

(Photo: Nintendo) The new Nintendo Switch will arrive well before you could imagine: according to the latest reliable information leaked, the second version of the hybrid console will enter the assembly line in July and then debut on the shelves online and offline already between September and October. Among the components that now seem certain is the implementation of the oled type display.

We have already told you about the first rumors about the second Switch, which could be called Switch Pro or more suggestively Super Switch with a reference to Nintendo's glorious past. The original philosophy of the lucky model that allows gaming connected to the big TV at home as well as on the move will be maintained, but several fundamental details will be improved.

Bloomberg tells how the official announcement could fall before the next E3 2021 in Los Angeles so as to start the whole process that will then lead to the commercial release. The price should inevitably be higher than the current model (which is online between 299 and 329 euros) without however going too high; more than likely that the current Switch will be discounted.

The hardware should count on a better display that could reach the diagonal of 7 inches (from the current 6.2) with an oled type panel with higher contrast and lower power consumption produced by Samsung. You can also predict a 4k output when connected to the TV (compatible with this resolution) and a more performing Nvidia processor, while the battery, memory and ram may not change.

Will Nintendo Switch second version also become an almost unobtainable asset like Ps5 and Xbox Series X / S given the chip shortage? It is not so obvious, also because it would be different components, but it is certainly difficult to imagine abundant stocks as in pre-Covid-19. Among the first games that could accompany the new Switch will be the new Pokémon titles and also the new chapter of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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