In new NASA stamps they celebrate the Sun

In new NASA stamps they celebrate the Sun

The United States Postal Service has partnered with NASA to celebrate ten years of images of the Sun. NASA recently shared and published images of the celebratory stamps that will be available in the United States of America; you can see all the stamps made at this link. The special stamp set contains ten different images and a total of twenty stamps celebrating new knowledge about our closest star, the Sun. Some stamps will show “common events” on the star such as solar flares, sunspots and coronal rings.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, has been recording images of the Sun and its events for over a decade. Thomas Zurbuchen, the associate administrator of NASA's Science Mission Directorate (SMD), is very excited about this collection and to be able to share these special images with the general public:

“I feel that the natural world around us it's as beautiful as art, and it's inspiring to be able to share the importance and excitement, ”Zurbuchen said.

Science Mission Directorate is NASA's way of engaging the scientific community of the United States. Through this ambitious project, it fosters scientific research and develops and distributes satellites and probes in collaboration with NASA partners around the world. The goal is to answer fundamental questions that require a vision from and into space, a wide range of action that can allow everyone to get to know as much as possible the space that is still obscure to us.

Two images of coronal holes and an image highlighting sunspots are also included in the stamp collection. Others include coronal rings and several images of a solar flare. The photographs were taken using equipment to capture images of the Sun in multiple wavelengths. Visible, ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet light were captured to create vivid images.