PS5 sold twice as much as the Xbox Series X | S in early 2021

PS5 sold twice as much as the Xbox Series X | S in early 2021

Despite the less than optimal period due to the pandemic that has hit the whole world, PS5 and Sony have broken yet another sales record. According to the latest data released by the Japanese company referring to the last fiscal year, set for March 31, 2021, the Japanese giant has declared that PlayStation 5 has sold over 7.8 million units, higher than the 7.6 of PS4, console used as a reference point. Extremely positive results that make us think of a bright future to say the least.

Therefore, waiting for the health emergency to be completely eradicated and production to continue with great fanfare, just as many interesting data have been disclosed. Ampere revealed that both the standard PS5 and its digital sister sold 2.83 million units respectively from January 2021 until last March, staggering numbers. These turn out to be more than double the numbers that Xbox Series X | S did, stopping at 1.31.

Having said that Ampere analyst Piers Harding Rolls noted that since both families of consoles are limited due to the shortage of components, it is difficult to paint a real picture. In other words, customers could buy what is available at the moment rather than go home empty-handed, not evaluating anything on the future prospectus. Both Sony and Microsoft are fighting hard against this issue by declaring that they intend to significantly increase production by trying to ship as many units as possible by the end of 2021.

Unfortunately, the Japanese company does not receive very comforting news with sector analysts who declare that peace of mind will be reached only during the next year, obviously compromising the release of triple A titles as well. We will therefore see, for now always that PS5 has beaten the competition by becoming the best-selling next-gen console ever, even surpassing the data of PS4 almost 8 years ago. We invite you to stay tuned to our pages to find out any details and additional information about it.

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