Google gives you the ability to instantly delete the last 15 minutes of history

Google gives you the ability to instantly delete the last 15 minutes of history

The option is now only available on the app for iOS devices but will also arrive for Android by the end of the year

(photo: Unsplash) Google has introduced a new privacy feature of its browser that allows you to delete automatically the last 15 minutes of searches from your history.

The new option was first revealed along with many other search and Chrome enhancements at the May 2021 I / O conference and is now available for all. This was announced by the company itself in a post.

The option to delete the last 15 minutes of search history is currently only available in the Google Search iOS app, but will arrive on Android by the end of the year. On the desktop, the options for deleting searches are still limited to the setting for automatic deletion every three, 18 or 36 months.

Photos: the new option, via Google Automatic deletion of your searches in such a short time it could be a valid alternative to incognito browsing, or just a choice for those who do not want to provide some data to their algorithm.

Google also offers the option to password protect our history of research and, again on the subject of privacy, is encouraging users to use the Privacy Control and Security Control functions. Both are useful ways to see which third parties we have granted access to our account and, if so, remove them.

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