Valheim: The upcoming patch brings graphics improvements

Valheim: The upcoming patch brings graphics improvements


The survival game Valheim has a very idiosyncratic graphic style. Not everyone likes it, but it makes up a large part of the atmosphere of the game. Nevertheless, the development studio Iron Gate AB is working on a patch that upgrades the look a little.

Valheim gets graphic optimizations

The patch should appear before the big update Hearth and Home, which some brings more extensive content with it. The patch, however, takes care of some graphical optimizations. The developers teased that the troll and the second and third boss opponents in the game will be visually revised. For example, the troll is given hair on its body. How the boss opponents can be improved will be shown later.

The survival game Valheim (buy now 19.90 €) is currently still in the early access phase, which is already very well received by the players, however, improvements, new content and optimizations are planned for the survival game. The players provide the developers with a lot of feedback, which they then implement if it makes sense. As with the graphics, for example. Details like hair make opponents appear a bit different.

After the patch, the bigger update Hearth and Home will be released. There was also a little teaser for this. This showed boots and a hole in the ground. What this is all about is not yet clear. We may get tar pits and an armor rack. At least that's what the Valheim community currently suspects. There is currently no release date for either Hearth and Home or the patch.

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This Week in Valheim: Trolls, Skull Thrones, and a Drivable Car!

We're back with This Week in Valheim, our periodic roundup of all the cool things happening in Iron Gate's Viking survival game. There's a lot of cool happenings on the horizon—let's dive right in!

This Week In Valheim 04-24-21 slice 1 News

This Week in Valheim News

The Valheim news for this week has some great things for people who have been sticking with the game since the beginning: One of the most troublesome technical issues has been fixed up a bit, and we've gotten a teaser of upcoming content!

Valheim Update 0.150.3 Released Fixes Terrain Load Time Issue

Valheim is an Early Access game, and that means that it hasn't really been optimized yet. One of the ways this issue manifests is that editing a large amount of terrain can absolutely tank your frame rate. A new patch released earlier this week has reduced FPS drops from terrain editing and quite a few players have happily reported modest improvements, though it's far from perfect.

This Week In Valheim 04-24-21 new TrollThe new Troll model will debut in the next update. Man's been hittin' the gym!The Next Valheim Update Will Have Updated Trolls, New Items, And More

Trolls are a challenge to fight in Valheim for new players, but it's not too hard to beat them once you know what to do. These blue bullies will look a lot more buff in the next update, and that's not all — the game's second boss The Elder and the third boss Bonemass are going to be getting a graphical overhaul, too.

As we've previously covered, Iron Gate has also been ramping up work on the first major update for the game titled 'Hearth and Home.' A couple more sneaky screenshots were shared by the developers; hopefully, we'll get to play this new content sooner rather than later.

This Week In Valheim 04-24-21 slice 2 Community Creations

This Week in Valheim Community Creations

The Valheim community is very passionate, and they're always creating some cool new stuff, whether it's in-game builds, fan art, or something else entirely.

This Week In Valheim 04-24-21 3D printing u-Alzate u-CptAylott3D printing enthusiasts are always happy to take a crack at making something from a game they love. (Image Credit: u/Alzate on Reddit (left) and /u/CptAylott (right).)3D Printers Recreate Iconic Items

There are some pretty cool low-res models in the game—and that makes them perfect for 3D printing. /u/Alzate made up models of the Sacrificial Stones that you see at the spawn point, and /u/CptAylott just finished painting his 3D-printed model of the Portal.

This Week In Valheim 04-24-21 cake u-medicus_2020(Image Credit: /u/medicus_2020 on Reddit)A Very Valheim Birthday

Speaking of 3D printing, it's also pretty good for cake toppers. /u/medicus_2020 cooked up this awesome Valheim cake for a certain special someone—that's one heck of a lucky boyfriend! The Troll on the cake is 3D-printed, but the rest of the decorations are made out of delicious marzipan.

A Great Plains Village

The Plains is currently the most challenging biome in the game, so of course /u/OzzGrim on Reddit decided to build a massive city in the game's most dangerous biome. The Plains are the only place you can grow Flax and Barley, so it's certainly worth building there; check out this full base tour put up on YouTube by its creator!

This Week In Valheim 04-24-21 skulls for the skull throne u-TheLargePineCone(Image Credit: /u/TheLargePineCone on Reddit)This Pleases Khorne

Warhammer 40K fans are more than familiar with the traditional credo of Khorne's followers: 'Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!'

Welp, someone went and took that a bit literally by actually building a skull throne in the game. The head of the game's fifth (and currently final) boss Yagluth tops the whole creation off, anchored on the bottom by dozens of Bonemass trophies.

This Week In Valheim 04-24-21 slice 3 Modding

This Week in Valheim Mods

Valheim has only been out for a couple of months now, but modders have already made a bunch of cool new additions and improvements to the game. This week is no different—here's some of the cool new stuff in the works!

Modder Team is Making a Valheim MMO Server

Valheim is already a multiplayer project, but it can really only support around 10 players before things get a little out of whack. The VaLNGOS project is working on making a new, open-source server for the game that can support quite a few more people.

Get Nomadic with CraftyCarts

Setting up a new base can be a pain in the butt, especially if you happen to wander out of the Workbench radius. Why not grab the CraftyCarts mod on Thunderstore? It'll give you something a lot of players would probably love: crafting stations on wheels!

This Week In Valheim 04-24-21 Drivable Vehicle Mod

Drivable Vehicle Mod Lets You Travel in Style (Allegedly)

This puts a very, very odd car in the game that you can actually drive. All I can say is this: dear goodness why. You can get it on Nexus and Thunderstore.

Fisticuffs Makes Punching Fun Again

What Viking doesn't love a good fistfight? Unfortunately, your bare hands alone are not enough to take down enemies—that is unless you get the Fisticuffs mod on Nexus or Thunderstore! This mod introduces several fist weapons (such as several classes of cestus) along with a crafting recipe for an Iron Chain.

Share Your Server Map Online with Valheim WebMap!

Valheim's server setup leaves a little to be desired, but the modding community has been more than happy to step up and add in new features. The WebMap mod on Thunderstore can generate an explorable, web-based map of your server that can be updated by any player discovering new areas in the game.  You can even see where players are on the map!

This Week In Valheim 04-24-21 slice 4 Must-See Moments

Valheim Must-See Moments: April 17–24, 2021

Every now and again, something cool, crazy, or downright unbelievable happens in Valheim—and someone manages to catch it on camera (so to speak). Here's our must-see moments from the last week!

Watch What Happens When Mobs Fall Under the Map

Valheim (and open-world games in general) are no strangers to bugs; sometimes things just go sideways. A common bug is an enemy or item falling underneath the map. Don't think you're safe, though; watch what happens when a terrifying Fuling Berserker falls through the map!

This Week In Valheim 04-24-21 riding Deathsquito slice(Image Credit: /u/The_Filthy_Spaniard on Reddit)The Great Escape

You're in the Plains. You're on fire. Fulings and Deathsquitos are chasing you. Do you give up and die? Heck no! Why not simply jump on a Deathsquito and ride it to freedom? You have to see it to believe it!

A Bit of Bad Luck

Iron Gate's game is surprisingly small—it's roughly around 1 GB in size. That's because it relies a lot on procedural generation, and sometimes that procedural generation can screw you over with what might be the worst Swamp Crypt I've ever seen.

We're all done for this week, but there's always more to come—we'll keep on highlighting the coolest stuff we find in the Valheim community as long as people keep playing it. Interested in getting started with the game? Have a gander at our guides down below to help jumpstart your journey!

Don Parsons contributed to this article.