Torchlight 3: Spring Update brings a new class

Torchlight 3: Spring Update brings a new class

Torchlight 3

Torchlight 3 wasn't exactly a hit at launch. Many players criticized, among other things, the remnants of the free-to-play time and for us, too, the title was one of the ten biggest game disappointments in 2020. However, since then the developers have gradually been delivering more content to improve the game. The developers gave us a small preview of the next update in a blog post.

Arguably the most exciting new content in the update is a new playable class, the cursed captain. He embodies the Summoner archetype and can therefore summon his ghostly crew, consisting of gunners, shooters, and even his first mate. For those who don't want to control an army of undead, the cursed captain also offers some explosive abilities and curse magic. He uses doubloons as a resource, with which he either pays his crew for their services or loads his cannon. Incidentally, this, along with a new type of armor, the cloak, is only available for the cursed captain.

In addition to the new class, the spring update also brings over 40 new pets, improvements to the user interface, and new fort decorations. Some bug fixes and a function to reset an instance are also included.

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Torchlight 3 Adding New Cursed Captain Class in Spring

New pets, an Instance Reset option and more also revealed.

Torchlight 3 - Cursed Captain

Echtra Games is working on a new action RPG with NaturalMotion but support for Torchlight 3 is far from over. The developer announced new updates and patches for the title, starting with a new class. The Cursed Captain serves as a Summoner class and can summon ghost pirates to fight alongside it.

Said pirates include Riflemen, the First Mate, Cannoneers and more with players able to command them to utilize additional skills or focus on a single target. The Cursed Captain also gets a class-specific weapon with the Cannon and capes as a class-specific armor. Of course, if you’re keen on playing the Captain without summons, you can simply use Doubloons (its combat resource) as ammo or bring the entire flagship to a battle.

Other updates coming to Torchlight 3 include forty new pets and variants with four new species; changes to the Pet UI  to make them easier to manage and sort; and more slots. Along with the Cursed Captain, new dyes, pets and fort decorations will be coming in the Fur and Fashion contract update. Finally, an option to reset one’s instance is also inbound, allowing players to farm in an instance without having to wait for its timer to reset.

The Cursed Captain is coming to Torchlight 3 in Spring. Stay tuned for more details on it in the coming days.