Resident Evil Village was born from the ashes of the past

Resident Evil Village was born from the ashes of the past

There is no doubt that Resident Evil Village is among the most anticipated titles of 2021 and that the imminent release has left fans in agitation, who can't wait to find out what awaits them inside the village. Moreover, the release of the latest demos, including the one dedicated to the castle scheduled for April 25th, fuels the desire to play Capcom's work even more. However, many users fear that they will encounter online spoilers due to the breakdown of the dayone in Australia, as some players have already had access to Resident Evil Village.

An interesting question may have come to light in the past few hours which concerns the awaited new chapter of Resident Evil. The now well-known insider Dusk Golem would have explained that many elements of Resident Evil Village were taken from a title of the series that was never released. There is talk of Resident Evil 3.5, a project that should have been a cross between the first trilogy and the dark and supernatural settings that we will see in Village.

As you can see in the trailer below, in fact, the setting is extremely attributable to that of the eighth chapter of the series. Dusk Golem explains that "Resident Evil 3.5 is a fan-created name for a discarded version of Resident Evil 4 that was never released before the final one." Also according to the insider, the links between this project and Village are evident, but he does not believe that Capcom will ever admit to being inspired by this.

"3.5 featured a large castle, secrets about the origin of Umbrella & Ozwell Spencer, strange hallucinations, dolls, a strange man with a hook ... all very similar to what we will see in Resident Evil Village" says Golem. The reworking of this project would thus have given Resident Evil 4 the characterizing setting that we all know by now. Probably, Capcom was still interested in the supernatural setting, thus deciding to adopt it in Village, or alternatively believed it would be the right direction to go.

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