FIFA 21 FUT, there is no 'hidden' dynamic difficulty: a lawsuit against EA falls

FIFA 21 FUT, there is no 'hidden' dynamic difficulty: a lawsuit against EA falls

FIFA 21 FUT, there is no 'hidden' dynamic difficulty

As Maradona reaches FIFA 21 FUT via the latest wave of icons, one of the great debates that have long been surrounding some of Electronic Arts' sports titles is back in vogue.

It all goes back several years, when the videogame giant filed a patent linked to a system of "dynamic difficulty variation", better known with the English acronym DDA (Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment). Since then, part of the gaming community engaged in titles such as FIFA, Madden NFL or NHL has repeatedly suspected that the technology was used in the Ultimate modes of sports games. Electronic Arts has repeatedly denied with determination that the titles in question used a DDA system in an undeclared manner.

The company's statements did not, however, prevent a group of players - convinced of a secret presence of the mechanism in EA games, aimed at incentivising in-game microtransactions - to sue EA. Now, directly from the company, comes the announcement that the latter have decided to renounce the legal action, following the presentation by Electronic Arts of irrefutable evidence of the absence of DDA technologies in the offending games.

It is thus reconfirmed that the essential element that determines the outcome of the FIFA, Madden NFL and NHL online matches lies in the skill of the player. In this regard, recently, Ciccio Graziani offered his advice to win in FIFA 21 FUT.

FIFA 21 FUT, there is no

EA has released a new FIFA ... 21 update, though, right now, the update is only available on PC, and while it's coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch ...

The latest major FIFA 21 update, Title Update 11.1, is available to download now for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One. Check out the full patch notes from the update below.