Resident Evil Village: the setting will be the largest in the series

Resident Evil Village: the setting will be the largest in the series

Resident Evil Village

Just under a month to go until the release of one of the most anticipated games of the moment. Obviously we are talking about Resident Evil Village, the eighth chapter of the famous series that drastically changed the horror genre on the first glorious PlayStation. As you have known for some time we have been talking about the opera, with Lady Dimitrescu, which has now become a real phenomenon so much so that it risks becoming one of the most beloved enemies of the entire franchise.

That said, the developers have already talked about their project with the aim of making it the most successful game of the entire series. Capcom therefore has very clear ideas in mind, but in these days interesting news have been revealed regarding the game setting, which will be really immense even vertically speaking, which means that we will have to explore many areas with as many secrets to be discovered. .

Given the highly open spaces there is inevitably the worry of finding oneself in decidedly dead moments. Capcom, through the recent issue of Game Informer starring Resident Evil Village, has reassured fans by declaring not to worry because the setting will be precisely designed to avoid running into these moments. How? Also through the verticality of the game map. The Japanese company also stated that Ethan's movement speed will undoubtedly be greater than Resident Evil 7, guaranteeing everything much more frenetic.

Enemies also, given this player-friendly upgrade, will be more nasty and threatening than ever. Verticality will also be exploited by some of these called Lycan, designed specifically around this feature. Particularly interesting note leaked from the interview concerning the village. Capcom has in fact declared that this does not have a real name and it will be up to the player to find out the reason for this mystery. In short, the launch of Resident Evil Village is less and less, but we, like you, can't wait to get our hands on it. We invite you to follow our pages to discover any juicy details regarding this promising chapter.

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