Pokémon Exploration: Ash and Pikachu will meet Charizard and many old friends

Pokémon Exploration: Ash and Pikachu will meet Charizard and many old friends

Pokémon Exploration

Thanks to a new, short trailer released by Nintendo, we can discover some of the things that will happen in Pokémon Explorations, the new TV series dedicated to pocket monsters. One of the images shown has certainly made many historical fans of Ash and Pikachu happy: during their journey, in fact, the inseparable duo will briefly return home, where they will meet again Charizard and all the other friends who have animated the previous seasons of the cartoon .

For plot and commercial needs (in fact, new games must always be pushed) during his travels Ash meets many pokémon, he captures many, but is also forced to abandon many of his friends along the way. Some of these, however, remain in the hearts of the fans, who are happy to see them appear again after a long time. In the next episodes of Pokémon Explorations, it seems that Ash and Pikachu, in between battles, have found time to return to Pallet Town to meet both old allies such as Talonflame, Snorlax, Oshawott, Bayleef, Heracross, Quilava, Totodile and Charizard, but also the good dear Professor Oak.

Many of these pokémon have not appeared on screens for 8 years and it will be nice to see them again in action. The adventures of the two protagonists, however, will not allow them to take a very long break: the two, in fact, will also begin to explore the Landa Corona and will meet many legendary and mysterious pokémon, as well as many fierce trainers like Ash and Goh. Even Gary will be there.

Next season, therefore, promises to be full of emotions and twists. Recall that Pokémon Expeditions is visible on the K2 channel or the Pokémon TV app.

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New Pokemon Snap Launches New Website to Get Fans Ready for Game

New Pokemon Snap has released a new website to help prepare players to explore the Lental region. Nintendo of America has released a new interactive website - ExploreLental.com - that gives players a chance to dig into the game's setting before its release. Players can check out eight different areas with videos pulled straight from the game. Players can also take selfies on the website and decorate them with eight special frames that can be posted to social media. Exploring the website also comes with an extra perk - fans will get 25 Platinum My Nintendo Points for fully exploring each of the website's eight areas. Much like the actual New Pokemon Snap, the key to the new website is exploration, and fans are encouraged to take a look at every area to maximize their experience.

While the website doesn't reveal any new Pokemon or areas, it does provide several new clips from the game. There's also a handful of new reveals, such as Vivillion reacting to the melody or Trubbish shooting a posion fog at Eevee. You can also get some handy clues about potential Pokemon interactions involving fluffruit and Illumina Orbs, which should help players get started as they begin their real exploration when New Pokemon Snap comes out next week.

New Pokemon Snap is the long-awaited sequel to Pokemon Snap, the beloved Nintendo 64 game that gave Pokemon fans their first look at Pokemon in their natural environment. New Pokemon Snap will send players to the aforementioned Lental region to travel through multiple areas and take pictures of over 200 Pokemon. While the core gameplay of snapping photos remains the same, New Pokemon Snap offers several areas of improvement - many of the areas feature branching routes, and all the areas can be 'leveled up' to unlock new surprises and more Pokemon appearances in the area. The camera function for the game has also been upgraded, with players able to edit their photos and even add stickers and commentary before posting them online.

New Pokemon Snap will be released on April 30th. You can pre-order the game from Nintendo or from your local game retailer.