Mass Effect Legendary Edition: RPG Remaster Achieves Gold Status

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: RPG Remaster Achieves Gold Status

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Recently, the development of the role-playing game remaster, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, reached an important development milestone. This was announced recently by Bioware's Game Director Mac Walters, who is responsible for the project, via Twitter. Accordingly, the project recently achieved so-called gold status. The work on the release version of the RPG collection has now been completed, and nothing stands in the way of a punctual release. It is currently planned for May 14, 2021 on both the PC and consoles. To celebrate the day, Walters even released a short video with a little dance interlude.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (buy now € 69.99 / € 53.99) is a collection that includes the first three episodes of the role play series from Bioware are included - but in a revised form. Among other things, the developers have drilled out the graphics so that the RPG adventures come in a modern 4K resolution and with improved textures. But you can expect some convenience functions such as significantly reduced loading times and additional effects. But that's not all: Bioware has also taken the combat system of the individual episodes to the chest and partially revised it. Mass Effect 1, which is a little less action-heavy, receives some corrections and adjustments in this regard. Unlike the original Mass Effect, most enemies can now take headshot damage. In addition, all classes now have access to all weapon types, while the specializations still depend on the chosen class.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition goes gold

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has gone gold ahead of its expected launch on May 14th, as announced by the game's director Mac Walters on Twitter.The news comes via the Mass Effect Legendary Edition project director Mac Walters (thanks, GamesRadar). Walters took to Twitter to announce the fantastic news, along with a clip of a very cheery-looking Mass Effect cast. If you’ve preordered your copy of the game, you can rest assured that it will most definitely be making its way to you next month when the game releases on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on May 14th.

We recently announced that Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be receiving updated achievements across the trilogy, including some that will carry across all three games. We don’t currently have the achievement list but you can be sure that we’ll let you know the moment we do. For now, enjoy watching the teaser trailer again like we have been... bring on the feels.