Xbox Series X | S: great exclusives will come from the agreement between Microsoft and third parties

Xbox Series X | S: great exclusives will come from the agreement between Microsoft and third parties

Xbox Series X | S

In a recent podcast, Jez Corden, editor of Windows Central, said Microsoft would be working with third-party publishers to get great exclusives for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Game Pass.

Corden, from his privileged position, has always shown that he is quite knowledgeable about everything that revolves around the Microsoft world. In this case, some of his "anonymous sources" would have assured him that the Redmond giant would be trying to forge partnerships with "some large third-party studio". This strategy would be complementary to the well-known one of acquisitions. While Xbox Game Studios are expanding through the purchase of studios such as Bethesda's, Xbox would also like to seek collaboration agreements that do not necessarily involve mergers.

Collaborations designed both for to have weight exclusives, but also to create "great Xbox projects that can last up to a decade". Corden used Bungie and Halo as a practical example. An example, however, not perfectly fitting, given that at one point the Redmond giant owned the Destiny studio. Another example could be the collaboration with Asobo Studios to make Microsoft Flight Simulator. That is a project of several years, on an IP and on Microsoft technologies, but carried out by an external study.

What emerges again from these rumors, however, is the will of Microsoft to further expand the own catalog and software offer, looking for the best solution from time to time.


Xbox Series X | S

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