Kingdom Come: Deliverance appears for the second time by mistake on Nintendo Switch

Kingdom Come: Deliverance appears for the second time by mistake on Nintendo Switch

Kingdom Come

This wedding doesn't have to be done, neither tomorrow nor ever! Paraphrasing the Manzoni, we could describe in this way what is happening between Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Nintendo Switch. For some strange reason, in fact, the famous medieval role-playing game appeared among the games available for the Nintendo console. But, according to Warhorse Studios, the game's developer, even in this case it is a mistake.

Here cat hatches us, someone would reply using a popular saying this time. This is because, for the second time, Kingdom Come: Deliverance for Nintendo Switch has appeared on the official website of Nintendo, not of some unknown online store or on the pages of 4Chan.

Again the developer said that it is an error and that it will try to investigate the causes of this problem, but the fact that the game can be found on the database of all the official Nintendo sites is at least suspicious. Warhorse PR Manager Tobi Stolz-Zwilling has said that nothing is planned "for the moment", which does not mean that users of the big N can enjoy this amazing RPG in the future.

In case you are wondering what the game is like, we leave you to the review of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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Warhorse Rules Out Kingdom Come: Deliverance Switch Release (Again)

Kingdom Come Deliverance

At the start of this year, Warhorse Studios' 2018 medieval role-playing title Kingdom Come: Deliverance was spotted on an official Nintendo Switch release schedule.

At the time, Warhorse's PR Manager Tobi Stolz-Zwilling said the game wasn't planned for the Switch and mentioned that the studio was investigating how the listing occurred in the first place. Somehow, something similar has now happened again. Nintendo Spain has reportedly shared the Kingdom Come banner on its official website and posted a tweet, which was then quickly removed.

Warhorse's PR Manager has now once again said it was all a 'mistake' and that the studio is now looking into this latest error:

One question many are asking since Kingdom Come has resurfaced on a Nintendo website is if it could even run on the Switch. This medieval open-world game has had issues on other platforms and even the PC in the past - so how would it perform on Nintendo's hybrid system?

We've seen port specialists work miracles in the past, could this be one of them? Or is this really another mistake on Nintendo's end. Share your own thoughts down below.